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Do PC monitors accept limited a range signal?

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Hi and sorry if this is off topic or does not belong here, I was unsure where else to ask.

Does anyone have any knowledge on connecting a video source with limited range output to a PC monitor?

I have the impression that TVs generally accept limited range and PC monitors accept full range. Is this a false impression?

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A monitor will accept any source a TV does. Depending on the resolution it may look strange but it should work as long as you don't exceed the native resolution of the screen.

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Back in the days of svideo and pre HD outputs from TV sources, these sources never looked great on computer monitors as for a while my impression was computer screens were ahead in tech.


Now TVs and computer monitors seem to be much the same thing. Eg playing 4k video from Bluray looks rather good on my computer monitor. Makes me wish there were cheaper stripped out TV size monitors available as I don't need any of the TV functions or TV speakers in the man cave. 


Note some computer screens have different aspect ratios. 

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