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Adding Zone 2 to Dog's Breakfast Setup

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WARNING! Rambling and likely incoherent post follows.


Hi All, thanks for looking in.

I'm not entirely sure how to structure this post so it makes sense to me, let alone all of you, so I'll just plough into it.

In my Games Room I have a rather LoFi setup consisting of--

Yamaha RX-V477 AVR

Foxtel IQ2

Apple 4K TV, plays media from my NAS, Pandora, Netflix etc.

Philips BluRay player

Samsung 4K TV in the games room

Panasonic 4K TV outside under the pergola


The Yamaha feeds 4 ceiling speakers in the games room in a 4.0 config, also via a speaker switch box, 2 speakers under a pergola and a further 2 in a small sitting area by the pool.

As the Yamaha does not have a Zone 2 function, to get audio to the outdoor locations, Front Left and Right are wired into the speaker switch box and the front 2 ceiling speakers are fed from said box, along with the 2 pairs of outdoor speakers.

From the switch box I can then turn on/off all speakers except the ceiling surrounds in the games room which are fed directly from the AVR.

The 2 TVs are connected to a single HDMI cable via a splitter to the AVR. Sources as above are connected HDMI to the AVR and are available to either or both TVs.

This setup actually works quite well and for the most part achieves what we need it to do. There are of course some limitations, main one being if my Mrs wants to watch Foxtel inside, I cannot stream audio to the outside speakers.


I got to thinking about replacing the Yamaha with an AVR that has a Zone 2 function so I can have my tunes outside while she is watching CSI:Miami inside. The eagle eyed among you may have seen that I recently sold an Onkyo that had this feature via the classifieds. Sadly that unit was too deep to fit into the corner unit that houses all my gear, so it goes. I was also quite keen to recover the cash I spent on the Onkyo as it turned out to be an unnecessary purchase. Another long story.

If you've made it this far, try hanging in a little while longer and I will get to the point.


So I am up for a new (second hand) AVR preferably with powered Zone 2 as I don't want the complication or expense of another amp to drive my outdoor speakers. One that seems to fit the bill, and my AV corner unit is the Integra DTR 30.4 of which there have been a couple in the classifieds at a price I would be prepared to pay.

I am aware of the limitation in that only analog sources will be output to zone 2 and I suppose the whole point of this post relates to this issue.


My Apple TV does not have an analog output but is the main reason I want to set this up. I enjoy sitting out the back reading the paper and listening to music, can't do that thanks to CSI as described above.


Here it comes folks. The question. Would an HDMI to RCA  adapter work in this situation?  The way I imagine it is HDMI out of the Apple, into an HDMI splitter. From splitter- HDMI into AVR, also HDMI to RCA converter into AVR analog input.

Maybe one of these that would appear to eliminate the splitter ---


or --



If this works I can reroute the 4.0 to run off the AVRs main zone, Zone 2 can be wired into the speaker switch to make outdoor speakers selectable. 

Sounds straight forward to me, what have I missed??


Thanks for reading






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Posted (edited)

I got around the Apple TV issue by running the optical out from the TV to my DAC. Do you want to watch the Apple TV from both TV's?


Otherwise a HDMI audio extractor would also work, however you would be relying on a cheap DAC implementation in the splitter.

Edited by zanlation

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the suggestion zanlation. Running cables to the TVs is not an option. Games room is an addition to the house, a single HDMI cable is in the wall cavity, no access without lifting a roof sheet or cutting holes in gyprock and I have no stomach for that as the room was painted 6 months ago.


1 hour ago, zanlation said:

Do you want to watch the Apple TV from both TV's?

  We currently can watch any source on either or both TVs which are back to back, one inside one outside, HDMI cable runs through wall to a splitter behind inside TV, a second goes through the wall to the second TV. My plan is to leave the video side as is, only looking to rearrange the outside speakers.

Thanks again


Edited to add, I will look at HDMI audio extractors.

Edited by Kahuna

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On 21/04/2020 at 7:17 PM, Kahuna said:

I will look at HDMI audio extractors.

Well I ordered one of these--




-- and received it yesterday. Overnight delivery from NSW to SA, well done Aus Post!

It works as advertised, I tested it into an analog input on my V477, no worries, and still passes 4k video from AppleTV to both TVs.

Will now look for a suitable AVR over the lousy weather months and have it all sorted come spring.



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