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FOUND: WTB: Sealed Subwoofer $500 or less

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Item: Sealed Subwoofer
Price Range: $500 or less
Item Condition: Used
Extra Info:

I'm looking for a subwoofer to use for 50/50 movies and music in a small lounge room so looking for something most likely in a sealed enclosure. Must have auto on/standby feature and low end -3dB response below 30 Hz. I can organise a courier to pick it up if you aren't located in Brisbane.


I had a B&W ASW610 lined up but it was damaged when the seller was packing it up to ship to me. Have also been looking for a good deal on an SVS SB-1000. Will consider these or other good quality similar subs.

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Should be able to pick up a SVS SB-1000 or 2000 unit from time to time within that price range.  I love my SB3000's, they really do kick hard and very tight!

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