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Little Blue Penguin - Custom Cables

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Hey Guys,

I've been dabbling in cable making for a little while, posted some threads on here awhile ago with some of my initial DIY creations.

But with the arrival of #2, my time has become really scarce, and there is bugger all available to spend experimenting with cable making.

Over on DTV, a forum member compared 1 of my power cables to a cable made in NZ. The NZ cable compared favourably. The cost for this NZ cable was NZ$58 (1m cable), so I thought I'd give it a try. My cost is about $25-$30 depending on the parts I use, but each cable takes me 3 hours to make - I'm slow. :cool: So paying a little more, for a pre-made cable is worth it in my books, especially if it performs as good or better.

I ordered 2 x 1m power cables, and 1 x 1m digital coax cable. The latter was NZ$45. Postage costs for all 3 cables was NZ$11.

They arrived last week, and I have to say, I am really impressed with the build quality of these cables. They're very well made.

The power cables have a slightly different flavour to my DIY cables, but they still sound very good, and are an improvement over a stock black iec cable on my dac.

It should be noted, that these power cables are not certified for AUS usage. It would be worth considering the cost of getting them certified by a local electrician, if weighing up the cost of these cables to other commercial power cables.

Some pics (apologies for the quality of the pics, I only had my iphone handy this morning).



As it turns out, the maker of these cables is a SNA forum member. Little Blue Penguin. He makes all sorts of cables.

I'll be buying more cables from Penguin in the future. They are made to order, and can be made in custom lengths, which is really handy.

If you're looking around for some affordable but good quality cables, you might like to send Penguin a PM.

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does he have a website by any chance?

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Has anyone tried the speaker cables from penguin? I need to replace my neotech cables at some stage and these certainly look well constructed but I was hoping to find some opinions before I decided to purchase a few 3m lengths

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No, I havent, I have an active system and dont use speaker cables.

Since the OP I have bought some other unbalanced interconnects, for use with my DAC/preamp, and I'm very happy with the purchase. Great cables.


If the quality of my existing cables is anything to go by, I would suggest you can be confident on the speaker cables aswell. But I dont know for sure. Maybe send the penguin a PM and ask some questions on them.

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Custom sized (55cm) digital coaxial cables, made for my I2S connections between transport and dac (these connections are driven by a buffered 5v output stage in the transport).




All the cables you see in these pics, are Penguin cables (ie: the power cable, the rca interconnects, and the new short digital cables).

It's all sounding very transparent, great cables.

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I think I should have made the digital coaxial cables a bit longer.

1 of them is abit tight. In pic 2 the one that looks like it is in the middle. If I swapped the order of the plugs on the transport, then it'll be perfect, and give it a little bit of flex to look the same as the others. I'll get to that.

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