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Paradigm Studio CC-690 v5 Crossover Issue

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Hi all,


My CC-690 recently started sounding awful (tinny/vibration), and with the current travel restrictions, I thought I'd open it up and have a look. I couldn't see anything obviously wrong, so I just re-seated the mechanical connections at the drivers and crossovers.


In testing, I came across the following odd behaviour:

- With only the upper range (top binding posts) connected, the tweeter/midrange assembly works as expected (woofers silent)

- With only the lower range (bottom binding posts) connected, the 4 woofers work as expected (tweeter assembly silent)

- When both sets of binding posts are connected (using either bi-wire cables or the supplied links), only the tweeter assembly works (woofers are silent)


I can't understand how this is possible as the top binding posts appear to be wired directly to the tweeter assembly's crossover and the bottom posts to the main crossover (which directly drives the 4 woofers).


In this photo, the purple/black pair of wires go directly to the tweeter's crossover:



If anyone with more knowledge of speaker design could help me to understand what's going on (and ultimately, to fix the speaker!), that would be fantastic. This is doing my head in!


Thanking you all in advance.


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Just an update for anyone interested or who might be having similar issues.


Today I completely removed the crossover and it turned out the one of the lower binding posts was not properly soldered to it. The behaviour described above was due to the weight of the speaker cable applying downward pressure to the post and breaking the circuit. Somehow, when only the lower posts were connected, it worked consistently (still haven't quite worked that part out yet).


In any case, this is now fixed and I hope it may help someone else. A multimeter was very helpful.

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