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Isolation job #48 - Fix no audio problem on Yamaha RX-V765

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I'm stumped with this one so I'm hoping someone here has some experience with this problem and can steer me in the right direction. I have a Yamaha RX-V765 AV receiver that stopped doing audio altogether some time ago! It won't do analog or digital audio at all. It powers up fine and I can hear relay switches activating after I do. I have set up the speakers (just front and left at the moment) and tried the test signal and radio and no sound is making it to the power amplifier. I can tell because on HDMI1, the signal info available using the option button shows no audio signal (video signal info is fine).


I have done a factory reset using advanced settings and changed the impedance from 6 to 8 ohms and back again. The speakers are KEF concertos, which are 8 ohm speakers. I've tried changing the speaker connections to surround. Still nothing.


I've looked at the boards and can't find any sign of damage from scorch marks or capacitor failure.


I would prefer to fix rather than junk it but I'm fresh out of ideas, even after a day and a half trawling through google search results. I'd be grateful if you have any fresh ideas.

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After more trawling through the interweb, it looks like it could be a problem with the DSP chip.  I found the bad news from this thread:



This DSP chip doesn't appear to be very reliable, a weak link in the design and something you might want to account of if you are thinking of buying a used AV receiver. I've seen both Onkyo and Yamaha have them. Some have been failing within 3 years.


There is no permanent fix - you can heat the chip using a halogen lamp or something else but this is a temporary fix only which may last a week or a few years. If these options don't work it basically junks your AV receiver unless you can still get a replacement chip (perhaps here: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Brand-New-IC-parts-D80YK113DPTP400_62358897818.html?spm=a2700.7724857.normalList.2.167f1e55RLBHYp) and you have an air station to do the replacement.


I've tried to heat the chip with a hair dryer (I don't have a halogen lamp) and ran my (dry) soldering iron along the pins of the chip but neither worked. The video and switching works fine so it could be a very heavy digital and analog preamplifier but I don't really need one of those!


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Posted (edited)



If it is a failed DSP Chip, you should be able to get sound out of the Receiver in pure direct mode. Have you tried that. That should by-pass the DSP Chip completely.


If pure direct mode doesn't product any sound, I'm not sure that the DSP Chip is your problem.


Anyway worth a try.


You really need to take it to a Yamaha Service Centre to be looked at.




Marker 1 Electronics Today

32B Burns Bay Road Lane Cove, NSW

Marker 2 PJL Electronics

Unit 11B, 3-9 Kennith Road Manley Vale, NSW

Marker 3 Southside Electronics

Unit 3/22 Mavis Street, Revesby NSW

Marker 4 Alltechs Electronics

164B Stoney Creek Road, Bexley, NSW

Marker 5 Hoang Hi-Fi & Electronics

144 Canley Vale Road Canley Heights, NSW

Marker 6 Target Electronics

1/4 Marieanne Place Minchinbury, NSW

Marker 7 Spencer Electronics

2 - 26 Somerset Ave Narellan, NSW

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Thanks, very much, BB! I've read that no sound even in pure direct is still consistent with a brokearse DSP chip. If I hit the option button it shows there is no audio signal. I will take a look at those service options, for sure.

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If it isn't the DSP chip then I'd love any suggestions about where to look next. I can confirm that there is no sound when it is in pure direct mode.

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Posted (edited)

I honestly think your only option is to take it to Yamaha Service Centre and get them to fix it. They will have access to Service Manuals and they will be able to quickly determine the cause of the issue.


The Yamaha RX-V765 is over 10 years old now, so you could also consider purchasing a replacement instead of fixing it if the repair cost is too high given it's age.


You could pickup a Refurb Yamaha RX-V683 for $400 from Excel HiFi on their eBay store with free shipping. See:




The Yamaha RX-V683 is from the 83 Series (2017), whereas the RX-V685 is the current 85 Series (2018).


Here is a features comparison of the RX-V685 & RX-V683:








If you don't need 7.1 etc, you also consider the Yamaha RX-V485 for $329.00








Here is a features comparison of the RX-V485 & RX-V683




Anyway something to consider.

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That's very kind, sir! I'll check out the cost of a fix and then weigh up that vs the replacement options you've suggested.

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