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Ubuntu help to set up Tightvnc and remote access from Windows pc?

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Hi any Ubuntu people out there!

I just bought a cheap Celeron Nuc to try the Tidal offer through Chrome. 

Ubuntu is completely new to me but I think I have managed to install Tightvnc on the Nuc but am a bit stuck on how to connect to my desktop securely?

I am figuring I can install VNC viewer on my Windows desktop, but am at a bit of a loss as to the how to connect securely from the Ubuntu nuc??

This could possibly be more complex than I expect, but thought I would ask here in case it is not too difficult to solve!!

Cheers for any Ubuntu help 🙂

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Not specific to VNC as the link above should help.


It's likely you'll be accessing your Ubuntu devices using an IP address, rather than name. Typically, IP assignment in a home network is done by DHCP from your router that then connects to the internet. If so, it's a good idea to set up an IP reservation in your router for your Ubuntu device to make sure it always gets the same IP address.


You can do this by connecting to the web interface of the router and using the login credentials you were supplied (if you haven't changed them yourself). There will be somewhere in the interface to reserve an IP address for your Ubuntu device using its network MAC address.

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Angry ipscanner https://angryip.org/download/ is available for both Linux and Windows so that may be a good choice for checking what devices are connected to your network.

Once you have identified each device and the ip address they are using on your network, you can use the ip address of your Ubuntu or Windows device to connect to using the TightVNC client on Ubuntu or the other way using Windows.

You will need a TightVNC server installed and setup on each receiving device/s and a client on the originating device/s.

So for an example a Windows device with ip address connecting to a Ubuntu Linux device on ip address would look like this starting the TightVNC client.




You can generally use a static ip address on each device without going into your DHCP server and setting static ip addresses there, but that is the better way to to it.

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