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Any quad fans out there....?

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Hello team - What’s the vote comparing the various current quad phono stages and pre amps .... qc24, qc24p, Venna ii (as a pre)?

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I'm a recent user of the Quad Vena. Only 45 watts aside but very nicely engineered and provides all of the connectivity that I currently need with an eye to the future. I wish it had a few more watts to accommodate any future speaker requirements although for the way I listen it is more than enough and can be used as an pre-amplifer via the handy pre-outs should I need more watts further down the road.


I considered the Elac amplifier and the Yamaha WX-A but went with the  Quad as a middle road between the two based on Quad's reputation and amplifier lineage and was new old stock and picked it up at a Christian price, I like its looks  and I am very happy with it.


A new fan.

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Cool . And have you tried the phono input?

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I'm a big Quad fan.

I can comment on the QC24 with phono card for you.

The Quad gear is well built.

Priced a tad high I'd say - given its lack of remote. Buy used if you can.

And if you go used I would probably try to find a used ARC pre amp - that can be had for around 2to3k.

And does a better job as a pre in my opinion.

That would be my advice unless you want to go matching Quad gear - like I have in the picture.


The sound quality is good - nothing bad to mention.

I like the dual pre outs.

I like the balance control.

I like the small foot print.

You can change the fuse easily.


Don't like:


No remote.

Tube is soldered on directly to the board - so no tube rolling.


Phono card in the QC24 is basic. You can't set anything like gain or impedance.

But if you use a well matched cartridge and want a simple setup it can do the job.

Add a better external phono in the future if you like via the RCA inputs.


It's about right for what you pay for. I haven't used mine in ages but will keep it for the sake of matching my gear.

I also have the QC22 as well. Man - its ancient.


You could go the QC24P - for a better phono experience - and you can use the QC24P as a pre amp by itself.


But if I was looking for better performance and price - I would go and find a use ARC pre amp. Bang for buck. Not much more than a new QCxx.



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