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Cambridge Audio 551r V2

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Hi All, Apparently the Cambridge Audio 551r V2 automatically up samples a red book CD to Hi Rez, is this true ? If so, is there any way to keep the red book CD in it’s native format ? again, also, if true, when did Cambridge Audio introduce this and why ? Thanks 

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They call it ATF/ATF2 upsampling which is on their dacs and selected receivers. Apparently de-jitters the signal during upsampling.


On the Dacs it upsamples to 384khz

On the Receivers it was limited to 192khz


I think this was only available on the 751r in that generation but could be wrong.

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Posted (edited)

A good read here though today upsampling in dacs is de rigeur and it also simplifies the circuit path making it linear with a smooth rolloff  [ 32bit dac sounds more impressive than a 24bit but thats another thing to do with marketing :) ]




the next page addresses jitter ; its worthwhile finding a brand that has an asrc [ asynchronous rate control ] in its dsp processing ; hdmi is notorious for jitter compared to other digital inputs like sp/dif :$

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