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Price: $9750
Item Condition: VG
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
Suburb or Town: Williamstown
State: Victoria
Payment Method: Cash on Pickup, PayID
Reason for selling: Selling for a friend

Further information: 

I don't think I have to say much about these speakers. These speakers are legendary, if you're interested in hifi, you'll know these speakers.


I'm advertising these speakers for a friend, so I've got the pleasure of listening to them while I have them at my home. 1 owner, purchased from a Victorian dealer in 2009. RRP at the time was $29,999. Pricing went up to $39,999 not long after my friend purchased them. Came in large timber containers which he no longer has. Speakers are mint, couple of tiny marks on the timber (his words, as I can only find one mark which you'll see in the 6th picture). The black bases are marked a little but in surprisingly good condition and not obvious unless you are up close and inspecting them. Certainly not noticeable if you are standing infront of the speaker and looking down. The drivers are perfect and immaculate. Speaker covers are included which I forgot to photograph,  but are in good condition with no scuffs or pulled cloth. One lug is missing from the back of each cover, but since there were originally 8 lugs on each cover, the covers still clip on in place and look straight and perfect when on the speaker. So rated the speakers conservatively as VG, but drivers are perfect, front facia and speaker boxes are in almost perfect condition (except for the one I mark pointed out), and from any distance except kneeling and looking bases are in good condition - so present as almost new for all intent purposes.


Talk about how c2’s come up all the time but c4 owners rarely sell their speakers as they are still up there with the best in the world. Don't let the fact that these are 2009 speakers trick you into thinking that these speakers are not competitive and still up there with the best.


These speakers are just sublime and at the sale price give you serious high-end speakers at a stupid 'cheap' price considering what you have to spend to get this kind of sound quality. (yeah I know its all relative)


Priced for a quick sale $9750 - this has to be the best price for a pair of Dynaudio Confidence C4 speakers. Unfortunately no boxes so pick up only. If you need to transport, you can get a 'Car Next Door' van or car share van for relatively cheap rates, and speakers are easy enough to be carried by two adults.


Hopefully someone will respond and buy these Dyns quickly as I'm trying to work out how I can justify to myself and my wife why I 'need' these speakers, how I could possibly afford them and keep them when I already have another 2 pairs of floor standers!!! 














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There's going to be one or two buyers, who have been praying for this day... (well, except for society getting cancelled).

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23 hours ago, Kevin Yeoh said:

How many toilet rolls is this worth? 🤣

Not enuf!

All your need is a REAL amp.



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Guest jakeyb77
2 minutes ago, steffanth said:

oh how i wish these were in Perth

Nice drive when the borders are open. Sure deposit may hold them? 

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lucky it’s not in Perth, I don’t need to think too much 😅

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I love my C4s,

Incredible for both 2 channel and theatre duties.

Good luck with your sale!


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