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Price: $
Item Condition: Used
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Pickup available and you can audition.
Suburb or Town: Gold Coast
State: Queensland
Payment Method: EFT, Cash or Paypal
Reason for selling: Downsizing my collection

Further information: 

Mostly original early US, UK, Japan and Australian pressings from the 80s.  Some Remastered. If you need more info or pictures of a record, please let me know. I will combine shipping. And, I will of course make a donation to SNA.


Artist                      Album                           Year    Cover    Album       Pressing               Price     Country       Notes

Alien Sex Fiend    All Our Yesterdays           1988    EX-           VG+    Rebel              60-1413          $28    Germany  GateFold Marks on record

Bauhaus                1979-1983                            1985    EX+          NM-    Beggars        BEGA64        $85    UK              2XLP Gatefold Limited Edition Numbered 4 Page Booklet of members

Beat, The               What is Beat?                    1983    EX+           EX+    Go Feet         L 38032         $25    Australia    2XLP Bonus Album Limited Addition Promo Sticker on Cover

The Cars                Candy-O                              1979    EX+           EX+    Elektra          5E-507            $25    USA            Ultrasonic Cleaned
The Cars                Shake It Up                         1981    EX              EX+    Elektra          5E-567            $25    USA            Ultrasonic Cleaned
The Cars                Heartbeat City                   1984    EX             EX+    Electra           R-143650       $25    USA            GateFold Ultrasonic Cleaned

Depeche Mode   Construction Time Again 2014  NM-          NM-    Rhino            1-233852        $30    USA            GateFold Remastered 180 Gram

Depeche Mode   Music For The Masses      2014   NM-          NM-    Rhino            1-233916         $30    USA            GateFold Remastered 180 Gram

Depeche Mode   Catching Up With             1985   EX             EX+      Mute             25346-1          $50    USA            1st Pressing

The Go-Gos          Beauty And The Beat       1981    EX-            EX+     IRS                  SP70021        $18    USA            1st Pressing Sterling

INXS                       Listen Like Thieves            1984  NM-           NM-    WEA               25039-1          $25    Australia   1st GateFold 

Joe Jackson         Night And Day                   1982   VG+           EX       A&M                SP-4906        $18    USA            GateFold

Kim Wilde            Kim Wilde                            1981   EX              NM-    RAK                ERS-81454    $15    Japan          Promo White Lael

Men At Work       Business As Usual             1982   NM-         NM-      CBS                SBP237700  $14    Australia    1st Pressing

Men At Work       Cargo                                    1984   EX+          NM-     Columbia      SBP237833   $14    Australia   1st Pressing

Pet Shop Boys    Please                                    1986   EX+         EX+      Parlophone PCS7303          $30   UK             Ultrasonic Cleaned

Siouxsie And The Banshees    The Scream 1978   EX+         NM-     Polydor         POLD5009      $45   UK             1st Pressing Ultrasonic Cleaned

Thompson Twins Side Kicks                          1983    EX+         NM      Arista             AL8-8002         $12    USA            ShrinkWrap



Big Country          The Crossing                     1983    EX              EX+    PolyGram    812870-1         $20    USA           Textured Cover

Icehouse               Man of Colours                   1987  NM-           NM-    Regular         RML-53239   $25    Australia

Simple Minds     Once Upon A Time             1985   NM-        NM-     Virgin            V2364               $25   Australia

New Order           Waiting For The Sirens     2005  EX-          EX-       London         25646 2202 1  $50   UK             Ultrasonic Cleaned 2XLP Gate Fold

Michael Jackson Thriller                                  1982   EX+          NM-     Epic                QE 38112         $30   USA           GateFold

Dire Straits           Brothers In Arms               1985   EX-            EX       Warner          25264-1          $25    USA            Master Disk RL

The Kinks             Give The People                 1981    EX             NM-     Arista             AL9567          $15    USA             Masterdisk

Split Enz               Corroboree                          1981    EX            NM-    Mushroom    RML53001       $18    Australia  1st

Split Enz               Frenzy                                   1981   VG+          EX-      A&M               SP-3153             $15    USA

Spandau Ballet    The Singles Collection    1985   EX+          EX+     Chrysalis        FV41438           $15    USA          Promo Gold Stamp

Yazoo                     Upstairs At Erics                1982   VG+         EX-      Sire                 1-23737              $15   USA           Small split at top

New Order           Thieves Like Us                   1984   EX+         NM       Factory          FAC103           $20    Australia  Promo Stamp

Nick Heyward     North Of A Miracle             1983   NM-        NM-     Arista             25RS-206         $15   Japan        Insert

Tears For Fears   Songs From The Big Chair2014 NM-        NM-    Back To Black3794995          $25   Europe     180 Gram Reissue



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New Order - Waiting For The Sirens  and Michael Jackson - Thriller, please.





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Dire straits brothers in Arms and the 2 split ends albums And the kinks 

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Hi Ed 


may I have these please 


Tears For Fears   Songs From The Big Chair2014 NM-        NM-    Back To Black3794995          $25   Europe     180 Gram Reissue


Nick Heyward     North Of A Miracle             1983   NM-        NM-     Arista             25RS-206         $15   Japan        Insert




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Kim Wilde, INXS, Men at Work , The Cars Cany O posted to 3818 ? 

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    • By Googaliser
      Item Condition: Boxed as new Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost. Suburb or Town: Cottesloe State: WA Payment Method: Paypal, Cash on Pickup, Transfer Reason for selling: Reconfiguring set-up Chance of a lifetime ? You can't 'un-hear' what these headphones are capable of.
      Australian purchased - single owner since new. Mint condition - includes special shipping crate, remote control and all paperwork. Has had very light use only.
      Available for demo in Perth, WA to potential buyers.
      Happy to consider shipping - will work with the buyer on the most secure method.
      I am a Sennheiser dealer - but this item is from my private collection and a private sale (it was purchased prior to becoming a dealer).
      Reason for selling: I am completely reconfiguring my set-up (see forthcoming adverts for some other amazing gear) - a dedicated recording studio needs to be funded.
      I will regret this sale until my end of days - but need to be pragmatic for once.
      Thank you for looking - happy to field any questions from potential buyers. 
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      Item Condition: Excellent Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition. Suburb or Town: Adelaide State: SA Payment Method: EFT, PPF, Cash on Pickup Reason for selling: NLR Further information: 
      I've owned this pair of Tannoys for about 3 years. These have the DC386 drivers/crossovers, also known as Arden's mkII or 3828, built into beautifully crafted Arundel cabinets with the cork finished front baffle.
      The cabinets have a square cross section which achieves the same volume as the original Arden mki including the bass reflex port, I know this as I measured both for comparison purposes.
      The roll surrounds were replaced by Tom Manning from SpeakerBits in 2018 with the correct, genuine surrounds as can be seen from the pictures, you won't have to worry about it for a long time. 
      The finish of the cabinets were a bit dull when I got them so I have cleaned them up with 0000 steel wool and lightly sanded before applying Howards Restor-a-Finish which really brought out the stunning book matched timber veneer finish. Lastly the veneered cabinets were treated with Howard's Feed-n-Wax treatment. 
      For those considering these speakers, they are a lot more space friendly and less intrusive than the Arden cabinets due to their square footprint with no compromises in their classic big Tannoy dual concentric sound.
      Power handling: 10-200 Watts @ 8 Ohms
      Size: 49 x 49 x 100cm (W x D x H)
      Weight: 46kg each approx. 
      Please PM with any questions. 

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      Item Condition: Good Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost. Suburb or Town: Melbourne State: VIC Payment Method: Paypal, EFT, Cash on Pickup Reason for selling: NLR Further information:
      I just bought these, but they are too short.
      Original ad:


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      Item Condition: Very Good Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost. Suburb or Town: Mudgegonga State: VIC Payment Method: Paypal + Fee, EFT, Cash Reason for selling: No longer required (Consolidation) Further information: 
       Reluctantly for sale in my Aesthetix Janus (Signature) valve preamp Janus  
      A bit of history. I purchased this from an SNA'r in QLD a few years back and was pretty happy with the sound (first valve pre I have owned) anyway sometime later it failed. I took off the lid and discovered what looked like home made mods to the circuit (an add on board with a few electronics fitted) So I took pictures and emailed them to Aesthetix asking if they were factory modifications. The answer of course, was no!
      I was directed to contact absolute hi end who were the agents. So the result was the unit being shipped back to the USA to Aesthetix for a repair quote. Basically the cost to carry out repairs to bring the unit back to the standard level Janus made the amp not worth repairing.
      I was given the option of upgrading it to the Signature (mid level of the model range) for around $4K AUD + freight + the cost of a new genuine shipping box. After a lot of deliberation I decided to have the upgrade done which replaced most of the internal components and a new set of valves. (I have a copy of the receipt for the upgrade and most likely can get all the details from Aesthetix, their support is top notch) 
      The amp has preformed flawlessly since it's return 3 years ago and has driven both Ayre MX-R mono blocks and until last week my Krell FPB600 power amp (now sold) 
      I am in the process of reducing my collection of equipment to have just one system based on a good integrated amp / dac / turntable / streamer.  I would love to keep the Janus in the off chance that I get another power amp in the future but as that is pretty unlikely, it is best it finds a new home. The one issue is the remote is crappy, it works but is fussy about where you aim it at the amp, I have put up with it but it could do with replacing or using a harmony ect. 
      What I found really nice about using a valve pre it adds a certain sweetness to the system when using solid state amps. (I have not owned tube power amps) There are one or two spare sets of tubes (all standard) and you can tube roll these to some amps effect. (I have a link to capacitor upgrades) 
      I have shown the couple of imperfections on the panel and the case in the photos for reference.
      I can arrange shipping from Albury or if you are in Melbourne I will be dropping off gear this Thursday (7th) so I could deliver it (post payment) 
      Plenty of reviews on the net. I have no idea what the phono stage sounds like as I have a seperate phono amp and play about one record a year (too much fuss!) 


    • By ChilledStrings
      Item Condition: Excellent Shipping Options: Shipping is included in price. Suburb or Town: Melbourne State: VIC Payment Method: Paypal, EFT Reason for selling: NLR Wireworld Equinox 8 Analog RCA Cables (1 Meter pair)
      Standard shipping cost included in price

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