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Dac suitable for tidal masters

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Hi! Any advice to getting the best out of tidal masters ? Laptop to dac to rca to amp?




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Posted (edited)

 A budget  may help  advice

I have a topping d70 which is not MQA   but Topping  perform well for the $

They sell well here if you need to move it on for any reason 


I am awaiting the release of the new  topping d90  mqa version to run in another system  which should be soon 



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Also, what is rest of music chain including software e.g. Roon? Do you want to consolidate e.g. a streamer DAC or just a standalone DAC? 


Personally, I did not find MQA tracks on Tidal any better, so did not bother looking for a DAC just to play Tidal Masters.

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I use the Brooklyn DAC+ and can highly recommend it. More pricey (I paid $3,200 in Jan 2019) but it is in my main system fed from Roon Nucleus and outputs to an integrated amp, a headphone amp and an AVR (and does 5.1 surround sound) so I feel I get the value out of it (in fact listening through it as I type).  Good luck with your search and listening. 


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If you're looking for MQA, the SMSL M500 is also another good option, and also has a headphone amp in it as well.

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      My use case is Windows PC -> DAC/Amp -> Headphones and powered speakers

      I primarily use my speakers over my headphones, probably about a 85/15 split. For what it's worth, speakers are JBL 305p MkII and headphones are Sennheiser HD 58X but both of these are subject to future upgrade, so I don't mind going with something that might seem 'overkill' for this tier of hardware. Features / things that I'm ideally after are;
      Great sound quality / specs for the price Pre-amp control for my speakers Being able to switch between headphone and pre-amp output without unplugging headphones (I'm used to having this with the Audio GD for years now, but I could adjust to not having that feature. I'd just rather not have to 😄) Ideally have multiple inputs (USB, optical, coaxial) Nice build quality Balanced would be kinda cool but really, really not necessary  
      The main unit I've been eyeing is the JDS Labs Element II combo, $400US. I own the atom amp in my turntable set-up so I have the utmost confidence in the sound quality of the unit, and I think the design is very, very sleek and would look beautiful on my desk. They also have a stellar reputation for their post sales support. The only major misgiving I have of it is that it only has USB input. Given that I'm only/primarily using it with my computer, that theoretically shouldn't be a problem, but it's not implausible that I might want to plug a game console into it along with my PC at some point in the future. I think it's just a bit of a bummer that it's single input for the DAC, it's always nice to have the option for other inputs. There is the option to buy the separate dac and amp units instead of the combo unit, but that's an extra $150US, which is too much. 
      Another unit I've seen is the Monoprice Monolith THX combo unit, $499US. It's $100 more than the Element II, but, it has multiple inputs for the DAC and it even has a balanced headphone amp! I do find it annoying that it doesn't have balanced outputs for my speakers, though, which would be cool and seems like a missed opportunity tbh. Only 1 year warranty as well, which doesn't inspire a great deal of confidence at this price.
      At this point I'm just shopping around, but I'd appreciate any pointers or impressions. Thanks in advance!
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