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Hi all - New member - Adelaide

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Hi all,


Joined to browse the forums and to get advice about possibly upgrading my system or at least how to set it up correctly/better as well as to access the classifieds.

I know pretty much nothing about Audio/Hi-Fi so any advice is greatly appreciated.

My current system is quite old but I am reasonably happy with it (for HT) and the use ratio is about 75% HT and 25% Music. Setup is configured as 5.3 for now but thinking of changing it up to 7.3 but not really sure if there is any benefit....hence joining the forum. Looking forward to absorbing lots of great info


My system is - 

58" 4k Screen

Pioneer VSX-919AH receiver,

Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray player,

4 x Klipsch Quintet III satellites and matching centre,

2 Klipsch Sub-10's -  at rear, left and right of seating position.

A Cerwin Vega LW-10x -  at front centre.

I also have 2 x 1970's 3-way floor standers (sentimental as they were my Fathers) but they sound pretty good to me. They have a Silver badge on the Grills that says "WF" inside a Pentagon, 12" Bass drivers, 6" Mids and 4' Tweeter. There are 2 adjustment dials, marked Mid and High and the name "NAMCO" on the plate. These are set-up on "B" speaker channel and I currently run bot A+B together, as I felt the quintets were not enough on there own(as front L/R)

My listening/watching area is 4.6m x 8.3m but is non-dedicated and part of the room is used as an office. Screen and front speakers set up along the long wall, seating position is approx. 3.8m from the screen and front speakers.

Have been thinking about changing the large 3-ways to front L/R and using the quintets at the extra surround backs or sides but open to any ideas.


Sorry for the long post - Please move to appropriate forum as necessary.


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Welcome Chris! Enjoy the SNA!

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Welcome Chris , enjoy the site and free education .

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