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Geoff@HeyNow Hi-Fi

FS: FIBBR Ultra Pro Optical 4K HDMI Cables - SNA Sale!

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Price: $150
Item Condition: Brand New - in boxes
Shipping Options: Pickup is available,Audition is not available, but in-person pickup can be arranged with limited personal contact
Suburb or Town: St Kilda
State: Victoria
Payment Method: Paypal , EFT, Credit card, Phone orders
Reason for selling: Scoop buy

Further information: 

These are truly amazing HDMI cables - Tried, tested and recommended.

The picture and sound quality dramatically improves with Fibbr UltraPro cables - the difference took my breath away.


Due to the success of this offer the distributor has brought all the additional stock here so i can make this promotion to you again


1.5m RRP $279.00  Sale Price $150 Including Postage Anywhere In Australia

2m  RRP $299.00    Sale Price $165   Including Postage Anywhere In Australia

3m  RRP $309.00    Sale Price $189   Including Postage Anywhere In Australia

5m  RRP $349.00    Sale price $210   Including Postage Anywhere In Australia

10m RRP $419.00   Sale Price $260 Including Postage Anywhere In Australia

This offer only last for 2 weeks and will end on the 2nd of April, unless we've sold out before then.


You can call me, Email me to pay with credit card or pm / email me for EFT details

I have all the stock here so I can ship it out next business day. 


Fibbr is renowned for the quality of its 4K signal over long distances, BTW I've even got pricing on 70Mtr cables too. Fibbr are active cables and get their power from the HDMI plug, they don't need and additional USB port to power them. They are capable at all the lengths I've listed as playing a perfect 4.4.4 4k image on all current 4k devices. 


I've only connected my showroom with Fibbr - Before I negotiated these prices GRRR...


As this is a limited time offer I haven't listed them for sale on my website.

Please PM to purchase or to ask questions or email me at geoff@heynowhifi.com.au

I will respond very quickly 7days a week. 

If coming to collect cables please contact me first to make sure I have them ready for you. 

Don't miss out on this one!

Happy Shopping

Geoff Haynes


HeyNow Hi-Fi


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