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Ultimax 12 or Alpine 12" type R for sealed 2cuft

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Hi all,


Total newbie here


Does anyone have any experience/opinions on using either a UM12-22 or SWR-1242D in a 2cuft enclosure for home use?


would there be a significant difference in sound quality between the two?



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I have some experience with a few Alpine 12's (but all in ported or tapped horn enclosures) and must say they are my preference over pretty much anything in a 12" for reasonable money.


A buddy had an Ultimax 12 that he imported from the US that developed a coil rub - there are quite a few reports of this on the PartsExpress reviews for this driver. 


We replaced the UM12 with an Alpine R and side by side there is a stark difference in build quality.


The other great quality of the Alpines (and the UM's) are their low FS and Vas. You can get low for little enclosure size. Plus the current model has 20mm xmax. There are very few drivers that can claim this much excursion and that translates directly into how loud it will play cleanly.


Finally the price difference nails it for me. Alpines are plentiful second hand (and practically indestructible) or the last new pair I paid $250 each delivered (to WA) from the Life Style Store in NSW. 


The Type X and R below are in ported 75 liter (2.6 cubic feet) enclosures. For a minor increase in size and complexity of a port you'll get a lot more output. 

Good luck!


Alpine_X_12_03 small.jpg




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Thanks mate, Ive decided to go for the Alpine R - especially because of the insane cost, due to the exchange rate at the moment. Thanks for the advise!

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