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I don't see how they could have gone any other way. A wise move by Joel and has been well received by all.

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    • By denimhunter
      anyone from SNA heading to either or both of the US or Munich hiend shows?
    • By pass the bass
      One of the things I like about attending hifi shows is discovering new artists, rediscovering negleglected/ignored artists, and sometimes even new genres of music. Many times I have heard an often-repeated song played at the hifi show and thought "I want to find that track or search for more by that artist". My discovery this year was African jazz musician Hugh Makesela. I heard him played through a system comprising Dohmann Helix turntable, Thrax monoblocks, and B&W 800 D3 speakers. The percussion was DYNAMIC, and the flugel horn had that nice brass sound which is simultaneously metallic and warm. I checked the album back cover and identified 'Analogue Productions, 45rpm' - search!
      I would like to acknowledge those exhibitors who facilitate requests by providing the options of turntable, CD and streaming. Some exhibitors seem limited to certain types of music, artists or a few songs, which may make it easier for them to run the show, but not so interesting for the visitors. Some of them have curated eclectic demo tracks which are usually interesting. Telos and Mcleans usually don't disappoint in my experience. This year, the Hulgich/Holton room was playing good music.
      Hifi is not just about gear-porn. The music is the reason. Often, I come across a room bristling with gear and accessorised to the max, then I listen to the music, and wonder "what's the point?" Having said that, music is a most enjoyable experience when shared, and there will be times when one needs to put up with it rather than complain or behave disrespectfully. Just accept that tastes vary, and no music will please everyone all of the time.
    • By Aussieamps
      Just in time for the International HiFi show in Melbourne.
      Here is the new look Holton Zero-Five-Zero 100W +100W power amplifier.
      Building off the Zero-Five-Zero plateform, this new amplifier features 50% higher case and heat sinks
      for increased efficiency and making room for the integrated SE version that will be released later this year.

    • By Marc
      SoundMag Joins Forces With StereoNet For International Hi Fi Show
    • By Marc
      One of the topics that comes up time and time again are the playlist selections by exhibitors at HiFi Shows.
      So without getting into debates about why Diana Krall, Stimela, Hotel California, Nils Lofgren should not be played (not necessarily my opinion, but one that seems to repeat itself after shows) this thread is to suggest just 3 specific tracks each you would like to hear at a HiFi Show.
      Here's your chance to have your say.
      To help us find them and maintain a playlist, please reply in this format:
      Artist - Track (Album if known)

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