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Zu Audio Speakers Owners & Discussion Thread

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I thought I'd kick off a three around the Zu Audio speaker line. I've had two sets so far.


The Omen Mk II [Rev B] which I purchased second hand on a whim. I had these for a couple of years and after a break of around a year I found I was missing the "Zu" sound so I purchased my current Omen Def MkII with the upgraded Radian tweeter without auditioning. It was a bit of a gamble but I'm glad I did!


One thing I've always found is that nothing seems to touch it for clarity and presence, however they need reinforcement in the bass region. The Omens seemed to roll off around 70Hz in my old room and the Omen Defs seem to roll off around 50Hz in my current room. After trying a few different solutions, I found the best combination to date for me was a set of JBL 18's in fridge sized cabinets, however in the new house these weren't practical so have been moved on in favour of an SVS SB16 which does the job ok, but I still haven't been able to achieve the same level of bass drum realism that I did with the JBLs.


I've found that positioning makes a big difference to the sound with these speakers. They like to be forward and into the room almost as much as you dare. Also valve amps are the way to drive them. I went through a lot of respected (and expensive) SS amps and never found something to suit them.


Anyway, enough rambling - some photos below.









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Ive had a couple of Zu's also and agree with your comments regarding effortless dynamics but like you also needed to supplement with a sub (in my case REL)








Latter had my Soul2's refinished in gloss black 9(and I built a sandstone plinth to raise them which I felt was needed)









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