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Titan Theia Center Speaker - mini review

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TLDR; it is just OK, nothing more.

I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement center speaker since replacing my fronts, which have a much warmer timbre. This may seem like a relatively straight forward endeavour, buy from the same series, however I had a number of constraints.
1.- It couldn’t be more than 56cm wide.
2.- It had to have a wide soundstage, as it’s for the 120” screen.
3.- It had to be warm and not rear ported, to fit in the cabinet.


Previously I had been using for over a decade a pair of AudioEngine P4’s, connected in series and laid on their sides, which surprised me how well my experiment actually worked. They had a wide soundstage convincing voice reproduction, and generally superior audio to a lot of other centers I tried.


I finally stumbled on the Theia by Earthquake Sound, (https://earthquakesound.com/index.php/en/component/zoo/item/theia). There are no professional reviews, nothing in forums w/ the sole references from three amazon reviews.
I liked the design concept, they looked fairly good quality and Earthquake Sound’s other Titan speakers got positive feedback, and I guess they're reassuringly expensive.

I emailed the manufacturer, to ask about enclosed placement and actual measurements bcos they claim 49cm everywhere, but the manual also states 62cm… I received no reply, but the 10” passive radiator curiosity convinced me to part w/ my $.

It arrived in a couple of days and sure enough the long side was 62cm and the narrow 49cm, which required my jigsaw to leave the speaker in situ.


Fit and finish: Poor, cheap Chinese manufacturing. The front grill broke while trying to remove it, the black lacquered finish has rotary buffing marks and it looks like putty has been used between the front mdf panels.


Sound: They measure ~OK, but I’m hearing lows and high mids more than anything, the range of the 4” Kevlar cones + Piston-Max isn’t as great as I’ve come to expect. I guess you could argue that’s a product of a 2 way speaker. I could counter that the 10” could be classified as a pseudo woofer… but I’d be wrong.
Some info on the SLAPS: http://www.earthquakesound.eu/car-audio/slaps-passive-radiators/slaps-10.aspx


Soundstage: This is my biggest gripe, horizontally quite wide, but vertically narrow, so now the center is very localized and much lower than the source image. I’ve angled the speaker to point directly at me, but still sounds like it’s coming from below the image.


Score: 5/10, they sound marginally better than the P4’s, but cost 4x.


Measurements from 3 places front (green) /centre (black) /rear (pink) of listening position. Given they’re 3.2m~4.4m from the speaker, my room has a large influence.


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