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Sony X9500G behavourial issues

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Hi all,

Following on from this thread I thought I'd start a new topic as its not really related.  This is not about bagging out the brand or my dirty laundry but  a query to see if anyone else with this model or same brand has these issues.



I still have the mentioned issue in previous thread with any apps like Netflix or Kayo etc once i turn the tv off, which i think is poor and not normal but not much I can do to fix it so kinda learnt to begrudgingly live with it - but recently its also just randomly starting rebooting while watching tv or if i push a button on the remote and it stalls then it will reboot.  Not every day but certinaly not a one off either.


Its just restart that it does so thankfully all my settings are kept but the tv just restarts and we need to get ourselves back to the part of the movie we were watching.

Not really great considering the cost and high reviews of the TV.


I've called Sony this afternoon who wanted me to film the issue - I advised its a bit hard to have a camera on the ready for random behaviour but if you want to send me a sony video camera i'd be happy to set it up whenever i watch tv.

I was then offered a technician visit but if no issue was found during visit i'd be charged, to which i responded a swift no way and that after spending what i'd spent on the TV i expect better customer service and right now i'd hardly recommend the brand or the TV.  I further explained that my initial contact late last year even though the app issue was not resolved i was "ok"to live with but random rebooting I am not.  They were thankfully able to find that contact in their records.


I am waiting on a call back in the next day or so and hopefully to a sensible resolve.  For me right now that would be if a technician cannot fix the app fault which they've said is not normal should be a replacement TV. its just gone 80days old and my first contact to Sony on this was when the TV had been here for a week (mid December).


Just wondering if anyone else with this TV or a Sony TV in general has had or experiencing similar issues?


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