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Bryston SP3 Pre/Pro

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Hi All,

Years ago I had the SP1.7 which was incredibly detailed with both 2 channel and multi-channel it was matched with the Bryston 9B SST - they were quite a combo.

Currently running a Classe SSP800 which is silky smooth, detailed and meets my current audio requirements with both stereo and surround. Speakers are SGR CX4F's all round.

I do get the urge now and then to try out the SP3.

Question: Does anyone currently run the Bryston SP3 and what is your assessment? What speakers are you pairing with?  



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No, but a SGR CX4F all round theatre system.... wow quite a start!


do you EQ?


given the starting point you have eq/room optimisation may do more than a pre/pro change?


Just putting it out there, you obviously know your systems strengths and weaknesses, what do you think the Bryston might deliver that the Classe can't?



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Yes Craigandkim the room eq is a big factor here if you prefer using the manual  PEQ for the low frequencies of the 800. Roger Dressler still has his you may well know :)The Bryston SP3 has no room eq at all iirc which is the antithesis of the new SP4 which has Dirac ..

Worth a try though as presumably the price has dropped with the new model and it has outstanding specs ; not sure if it got a hdmi board upgrade for 4k though ?


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Posted (edited)

Thanks Guys, 

Not a big fan of EQing - as you know the SSP800 has quite a intricate eq system and the CX4F's have some basic adjustments but I choose not to use it preferring to use passive absorption and critical speaker placement. Forgot to mention the two SVS PB 13's for movie and surround music. 

EQing in the digital domain for movies delivers results - no question, but not a fan for music.

Some years ago I go into frequency measurements with REW to work the basic peaks & troughs.

I have attached an old photo - speaker placements are the same some of the equiment has changed.

12 hours ago, Hi-Fi Whipped said:

what do you think the Bryston might deliver that the Classe can't?

Good question - not so much what the Classe cant deliver, more so an update of the similar basics - 4K HDMI 2.0 board whilst keeping the fully balanced analogue pass through. The Bryston SP3 has a similar make up with out going overboard like connections for 32 channels and 256 different processing modes. In my opinion less is more - keep it simple but build it to impecably high standard.


Only problem with imported gear - AUS gets ripped off blind with comparitive RRP pricing due to the xchange rates - but yes I would hope that the price may have dropped- although with $AUS dropping like a lead balloon not so sure.


Appreciate your thoughts




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Yes the analogue stages of the SP3 are top notch and its good design putting a asrc anti jitter device  between the decoding and post processing dsp's and not just the usual buffer for timing the 0's and 1's


This coronavirus is going to hit everything as production ramps down in China I read 🤔 Hope you source one and its dual voltage -not sure on that front .

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