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Recommended adapter for 2.5mm to 3.5mm

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Annoying!  I have a nice Alo Audio Litz cable to replace the now broken (and annoyingly stiff) original cable on my Shure 535 IEM’s.  I pulled it out of its nice box and it’s got a tiny 2.5mm balances male connector.  


What are these used for anyway??


So given it’s a nice cable, can anyone recommend an adapter?  Can I even use one?


I need a standard 3.5mm male plug to go into iPhone/pad/pod.

Ideally don’t want to degrade the sound of a nice cable.  Also needs to be reasonably tough for daily bike use....


Am I best selling it and getting the correct one?





(new cable on left, old on right)



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Fiio make one. I have the 4.4mm to 2.5mm version, its nicely built.


The 2.5mm balance is a common balanced out for DAPs. Balanced out generally gives a bunch more power.

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Cheers.  At least I know not to stuff up again!  I’ll have a look, else maybe sell up and try again....!

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