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Xiaomi smart pedestal fan, with batteries!

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I took delivery of one of these xiaomi smart fans yesterday and have to say I'm quite impressed with it so far.       Super quiet, portable,   light but sturdy enough and well made,  looks nice and easy to use. 


I was more interested in it for the battery/portability,  but the smartness is also quite cool.   I  like the ability to set speed (100 steps in app,  4 steps on the unit) angle and oscillation degrees from my phone and the voice control (Siri in my case).       It's smaller than I expected but that helps the portability,  and it seems to push enough air for my use regardless.      


What really impressed me though is the 'natural' airflow setting,  which randomly ramps the speed up and down to simulate a breeze.       I set it to natural,  just the right degrees of oscillation and 25% speed overnight and slept like a baby.   It's a much nicer airflow than the buffeting  I get with my old dumb fan.    


Below about 70% it's almost silent and not that noisy at 100%  so doesn't distract from whatever you might be listening to.   


The only gripe is the 240V figure 8 power cable connection in the base.    Considering the portability I think a docking base would be nice.  





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Well done. Thanks for the info. Might have to get one 
I have one of their robot vacs and also the S2 air purifier. 
Amazing products. The vac is the smartest thing I’ve ever seen. For us it goes off at 11 am every day and cleans the whole house then goes back to its base. Had it for two years now. 

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