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Best VFM 4K HT Amp with x2 HDMI out & pre outs?

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Hi Guys,


Looking to replace my old Marantz HT amp with a newer model.


I don't need the latest & greatest but what I do need is the following:


4K support

L & R channel pre-outs (into my preamp with HT bypass)

x2 HDMI outs (LCD & PJ).


I'm not too worried about mega watts of power as L & R channel driven by Ayre gear, HT amp onlt driving centre & rears.


I don't want to spend more that $800 - $1200 bucks


Cheers all


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well , if you don't need dolby atmos than maybe you don't need new AVR. Your TV needs 4K signal but AVR not necessary.  

What is the source of 4k movies? 

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True, I could just connect the 4K player direct to the TV but my preference is to connect everything via the HT Amp, it seems to work better that way, especially with lip synching etc....



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1 hour ago, mattjtaylor2809 said:

Thanks for the heads up.....what about this one?




Seems a good deal, certainly the cheapest I've seen this model.

I only suggested a Marantz because that is the make you are currently using. Some people can get a bit thingy if they own something like a Marantz and you suggest say a Yamaha.


That Yamaha is a refurb Yamaha RX-V1085 from Excel HiFi in Melbourne and I would certainly buy it if it was me.




It is an excellent choice for your needs See:




I purchased a Refurb Yamaha RX-A3080 from Excel HiFi about 10 or 11 months ago and have been very happy with it. You would never know it was a Refurb except there were no batteries for the remote. It looked like it was new in the box.


They don't have the refurb Yamaha RX-V1085 listed on the Web site as being available, but they also have their eBay store under the name av-comp and that is what you linked to here:




Anyway have a read of this:




You will get 12 Months warranty.


Also see here about what is a Refurb:




Details about shipping here:




You can get it on their eBay store for $999.00 with discount code PICK100 with free shipping. No brainer really!


You can use the excellent Yamaha app for Apple IOS or Android to setup this Yamaha which provides full control of all features etc.


You can also setup using the web page access.  You simply use the settings button on the remote to find your receiver's IP address. You can then access the setup via a web browser with the following URL:


IP Address/Setup/index.html


You can get a brand new RX-V1085 with 2 Years warranty for $1249.00 from Selby on eBay here using the PICK100 discount code with free shipping




An Excel HiFi Refurb Yamaha RX-A880 for $939.00  with 2 Years warranty might also suit you. See:






They also have others on offer as well such as the Refurb RX-A780 for $749.00 with 2 Years warranty. See:






Other options see:







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20 hours ago, mattjtaylor2809 said:

Wow....thanks for all the info, this is great.




You're most welcome. All the best with whatever your purchase to replace your existing Marantz Receiver. 😉

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I considered a HD Fury so I could keep my existing pre-pro and pass 4k. Could that be an option for you?

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