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FS: Ambience 1800 Reference & Osborn Subwoofer Units

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Item: Ambience 1800 Reference
Location: Buderim, QLD
Price:  $3650  Ambience 1800, 
Subwoofers $1400 each ($2400 pr), TOTAL Package:  $5450
Item Condition: 8.5/10 (One mark on each speaker from transport shown in photo)
Reason for selling: NLR (Too many speakers)
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


Ambience 1800 Reference:

I purchased these brand new from Carlton Audio in May of 2018  as the standard edition, I then contacted Tony Moore the following month and had them upgraded to the reference edition (upgraded crossover and wiring) at a total cost of $8500.  Once they are setup correctly they are incredibly revealing  and easy to listen to with great height and scale. They are truly three-dimensional which is something I have never heard with a conventional speaker setup. 


Reason for selling is that I have another set of speakers on the way and need to clear out my current catalog. Originally my plan was to keep to them and setup and dedicated listening room but this won't be happening for some time so instead of collecting dust they need a new home. 


Will come with the original manual however I seem to have misplaced the binding posts as I have these bi-wired as per Tony's instructions.


T-12 Subwoofer in Epitome Bass Cabinet:

The subwoofers are a somewhat custom design from Mr Osborn, which are effectively the T-12 (Focal 12" flax subwoofer) with Redgum RGSW2  plate amplifier(200wrms into 8ohms) in the Epitome Bass unit cabinet. I selected the design after Mr Osborn told me to put the T-12 I had on loan on top of a chair.  Lifting the sub 2 feat off the floor worked wonders in eliminating a lot of the floor resonance however you lose some dB  as there is little reinforcement so I went with the more powerful plate amplifier to  accommodate the loss.  The subwoofers have over 3 years of warranty left on them.   


T-12: https://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/t12

Redgum Plate Amp: https://www.redgumaudio.com/product/rgsw2-amplifier-plate/


Happy to demo for serious buyers. The total package of the ribbons and subs is quite the combination, most people that have heard Tony's ribbons would agree that they lack low bass. I tossed up the idea of upgrading to the Grand Reference but I made the decision to go with the Osborn subs and was very happy with the results. 


Prefer local pickup but can ship at buyers expense using the original crates. (I have access to TNT so shipping is possible at a reasonable cost)


PM for any questions




Ribbon Section

Metal Ribbon Membrane

4 ohm Resistive (Constant)

Power Handing 150 watts long term 

Sensitivity 89dB, 2.83 volts input @ 1 metre.


Bass Section

180mm long throw woofer 

Power handling 100 watts long term

Vented box type

22 litres


Crossover Section

Third Order, 18dB/Octave

Crossover frequency 420hz






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Old school French Polisher could probably sort those scrapes out.

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