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SOLD: FS: NAD 5120 Turntable with Ortofon OM5E

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Item: NAD 5120 Turntable with Ortofon OM5E
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Price: $250
Item Condition: Excellent overall. Perfect working condition, great cosmetically (perspex lid has superficial scratches from years of being wiped/cleaned).
Reason for selling: Upgraded to a new TT
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


This NAD 5120 is a time capsule. I bought it mint from a gentleman in the outer Melbourne suburbs in 2012, he had bought it brand new in the late 80s, used it for a couple of months then stopped using it and had put it back in its original box. For 20+ years it was in storage in its original box and when I bought it I had the pleasure to unbox it again. The sticky tape had almost perished / disintegrated and left a sticky mess.. nothing a citrus cleanser can't fix of course.


Sounded pretty good out of the box (I had it hooked up to a Rega Fono Mini) but I knew the original cartridge and stylus would've been long past its best before date. I put a fresh Ortofon OM5E, a new drive belt and took it to Carlton AV for a proper setup and voila, it sings!


Over the last 9 years I have enjoyed the NAD, listening on average only 1-2 hours per month - it did not get much use at all. Very very clean deck overall and well looked after. Stylus is regularly cleaned with a carbon bristle brush and has dust cap included.


The NAD 5120 is the epitome of NAD's quirkiness + 80s overengineering. The sub-plate is floating, suspended by springs, isolated from the main chassis from vibration. The counterweight is freely sprung in a magical 80s viscoelastic liquid in a reservoir! NAD calls it DVA - Dynamic Vibration Absorber. Patrick Bateman would've been really into this.


Lastly, it has a super handy auto-stop function which I really like.. you can listen to records to sleep and not worry about the stylus being ground to oblivion.


Own (and listen) to this 80s vintage piece of cool.
Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.IMG_20200127_193244.jpg.698934b99597d581bc20cc7a27182ca0.jpgIMG_20200127_193259.jpg.ae52a2652f74d103b0ac7be6c77f4356.jpgIMG_20200127_193314.jpg.240845528ac3ba1c2e1b55d17fa61f3f.jpg

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It looks very pretty. 

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