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SOLD: FS: NAD 5120 Turntable with Ortofon OM5E

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Item: NAD 5120 Turntable with Ortofon OM5E
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Price: $250
Item Condition: Excellent overall. Perfect working condition, great cosmetically (perspex lid has superficial scratches from years of being wiped/cleaned).
Reason for selling: Upgraded to a new TT
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


This NAD 5120 is a time capsule. I bought it mint from a gentleman in the outer Melbourne suburbs in 2012, he had bought it brand new in the late 80s, used it for a couple of months then stopped using it and had put it back in its original box. For 20+ years it was in storage in its original box and when I bought it I had the pleasure to unbox it again. The sticky tape had almost perished / disintegrated and left a sticky mess.. nothing a citrus cleanser can't fix of course.


Sounded pretty good out of the box (I had it hooked up to a Rega Fono Mini) but I knew the original cartridge and stylus would've been long past its best before date. I put a fresh Ortofon OM5E, a new drive belt and took it to Carlton AV for a proper setup and voila, it sings!


Over the last 9 years I have enjoyed the NAD, listening on average only 1-2 hours per month - it did not get much use at all. Very very clean deck overall and well looked after. Stylus is regularly cleaned with a carbon bristle brush and has dust cap included.


The NAD 5120 is the epitome of NAD's quirkiness + 80s overengineering. The sub-plate is floating, suspended by springs, isolated from the main chassis from vibration. The counterweight is freely sprung in a magical 80s viscoelastic liquid in a reservoir! NAD calls it DVA - Dynamic Vibration Absorber. Patrick Bateman would've been really into this.


Lastly, it has a super handy auto-stop function which I really like.. you can listen to records to sleep and not worry about the stylus being ground to oblivion.


Own (and listen) to this 80s vintage piece of cool.
Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.IMG_20200127_193244.jpg.698934b99597d581bc20cc7a27182ca0.jpgIMG_20200127_193259.jpg.ae52a2652f74d103b0ac7be6c77f4356.jpgIMG_20200127_193314.jpg.240845528ac3ba1c2e1b55d17fa61f3f.jpg

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It looks very pretty. 

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      Beautiful Vintage Sansui AU-101 amplifier in perfect working order. Recently serviced with all pots cleaned. 
      Selling due to house move and need to clear the decks. 
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      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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      NAD, the highly regarded manufacturer of high-performance audio components, incorporating NAD's ""Music First"" philosophy as the cornerstone to their ambitious design goals for this T 762 made in England.
      The T 762 offers Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS, DTS-ES, and DTS Neo:6 decoding, along with 7.1 Matrix, Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic II, and the proprietary NAD EARS circuitry for creating natural surround sound from any format input, 7.1, 6.1, 5.1, and 2.0 stereo, digital or analog. Also included is an HDCD decoder plus a ""Stereo Enhanced"" mode that uses no processing, but allows the stereo signal to be sent to any or all of the selected 7.1 channels, depending on listener preference. There is also an analog bypass mode for stereo purists. Surround processing is automatically detected via the digital inputs, and the most appropriate decoding format is switched in. Conversion of the decoded digital bit stream is performed with high resolution and extremely linear D/A converters, carefully selected for their performance capabilities.
      The EARS (Enhanced Ambience Recovery System) circuitry uses DSP technology to extract the natural ambience in a stereo recording and redirect it to the surround channels, creating a warm, natural reverberant effect without any artificiality.
      Full Disclosure Power rating, with all channels driven simultaneously, at any frequency from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with less than 0.08% THD at 8 and 4 ohms. Also specified is Dynamic Power at 8 ohms, 4 ohms, and 2 ohms. The T 762 delivers 100 watts per channel of continuous power with all six channels driven simultaneously at rated distortion into 4 or 8 ohms. Dynamic power is rated at 300 watts into 2 ohms.
      Dynamic power is rated at 300 watts into 2 ohms
      Five A/V presets can be stored for instant recall with unique speaker configuration, level, distance, surround mode, and tone control settings for instant recall. This allows a user to set up one type of playback for multichannel music and a completely different setup for movie soundtracks. Channel volume settings for sub, center, and surround channels can be adjusted on the fly without entering any setup menus.
      Pick up (VIC 3133) is preferred, but I can package it up for the buyer to arrange own transport arrangement.
      NAD HTR 2 Remote is included.

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    • By russell66
      Price: $350 Item Condition: Very Good Shipping Options: Pickup is available,Audition is not available, but in-person pickup can be arranged with limited personal contact Suburb or Town: Kardinya State: Western Australia Payment Method: Paypal Cash Bank Transfer Credit Card Reason for selling: NLR Further information: 
      Project RPM 1.3 Turntable and Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge

      Excellent turntable, very good condition, If you're going to produce turntables at a good price as project do, then you need a good design, leave out what you don't need and focus on the parts that matter, and in my opinion Project do that great.
      I am not the first owner but when i purchased it the previous owner had hardly used it and the same has been true for me, so the cartridge has had little use and appears to be in good condition when studied with a magnifier. Sorry for the close up it is next to useless. 
      The Deck is designed to have a round belt (about $25 to replace) It has a flat belt at the moment which is perhaps not right for the motor but i prefer the way it sits on the platter. I can't locate the round one.
      The cartridge is the Ortofon 2M Red MM, a really great cartridge.
      The whole package sounds very good, the turntable itself would suit further upgrades to the cartridge, despite the hype around spending more on an arm or turntable.
      I have the original box so postage should not be too difficult, it will be at your cost and risk. I would prefer local pick up for obvious reasons.
      A personal opinion: I have had and compared many, many turntables over the years and in my experience the matching of the cartridge and phono stage is by far the most important part of getting a good sound. The arm comes next. The actual turntable is the least important part. I could offer so many examples of this. We likely would never put an expensive arm and cart on this deck because we would tell ourself that the price of the deck does not warrant it. If you did though the difference between this and something more expensive would be minimal. It's a turntable and by nature of the vinyl you put on it they are musical. 


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      Price: $ Item Condition: As New Shipping Options: Pickup is available,Audition is not available, but in-person pickup can be arranged with limited personal contact Suburb or Town: Sunshine Coast State: Queensland Payment Method: Paypal+3%, Bank Transfer, Cash on Collection Reason for selling: Great Product, it's just me! Can Ship to most cities for $30.00
      Further information: 
      3 weeks old, AS NEW Impeccable condition with all accessories most still in the plastic, suit new buyers.
      You can see my posts in the owners thread about how I found the C658 in use. But basically this thing is extremely powerful, Dirac is a game changer for sure and it seamlessly integrated my subs with my fronts which was the main reason I purchased it, so that box was ticked.
      For years I have listened to my music without any eq or bass or treble, I've been all about tweaking placement of speakers etc. to get the most out of my gear.
      The eq capabilities on this thing are insane, you seriously feel like you have your own recording studio,  you can tweak the sound to within an inch of its life which for some would be heaven, but for me its made me a little obsessive compulsive! I know for a fact that if I invested more time in getting the sound right I would definitely get there but given where I've come from I'm making a gut call early and going back to the basics. What that is I'm not entirely sure at this stage but will see if this gets snapped up and go from there.
      Anyone that's ever brought things from me knows I look after my gear probably better than my kids so be assured this unit is in impeccable condition, not a mark on it, and comes from a smoke free home.
      WARRANTY - Balance of 2 year warranty (Owned for 3 weeks) will be transferred to new owner.
      Link to the SNA Owners Thread: 

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.ell 

    • By anthony vinyl
      Item: Micro Seiki BL 91 turntable with SME 309 tonearm
      Location: blue mountains nsw
      Price: 3400
      Item Condition: very good
      Reason for selling: a very reluctant sale but want funds for another project  . 
      Payment Method: cash ,  PayPal +% , transfer
      Extra Info: a very special combo. the SME 309 should need no introduction - see online reviews. superb in styling and a breeze to use.   the micro seiki is simply a beautiful turntable both in form and function.  from vinyl engine specs site it
      "Features a massive, thick, 12.2 inch platter, employing special alloy bearings machined and polished with techniques usually reserved for turbojet engines.
      Micro Seiki engineers devised an exclusive oil-bath damping system to support the entire rotating assembly in complete isolation from all mechanical resonances.
      A precision-ground drive belt connects the rotating assembly to the brushless, servo-controlled motor with total isolation from motor generated vibration.
      In fact, the BL-91 (L) is probably the smoothest, most vibration-free device of its kind ever built. the plinth is multi-laminar natural wood finished with hand rubbed natural ebony... 16 kg"
      all original handbooks for SME and micro seiki. . please note the benz cart is NOT included in sale price .  please also see blemish on tonearm where it sits in holder ( common )and blemish on plinth. also the wire connectors on the tonearm head shell to cartridge have shabby insulation that is unnoticeable from above and does not affect performance. would prefer a pickup but will consider postage. preference for pickup.  will consider seperating - although the unit is functionally and aesthetically outstanding as it is. . 

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