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So Im only 15 but Im getting sucked into the DIY hifi and audio stuff. I want to make a medium sized 2.0 stereo system using low end Peerless and Daichi components.





Is their any advice for when i eventually make these, components etc.


Im probably going to use 16mm mdf, is that thick enough??

And what size enclosure and port is suitable for these drivers??


I was thinking of making the front baffle around the same dimensions as an A4 piece of paper.


hopefully all good results, with the drivers n all but knowing me lol.


I have made other speakers before, so don't cut short on the geeky side.


DIY freak



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16mm MDF is good enough, have you got a cabinet volume in mind for the woofer, sealed (less bass or doof doof) or ported vs the bass response you want and crossover circuit design? 


Assuming A4 front baffle size it might be equal depth so about 9L internal volume for a 16 cm woofer. There are various free web downloads like WINSD Linear Team woofer from driver database or punch it in to model and calculate speaker box volumes and see what the bass response will look like according to the port diameter and length for a ported design or none for sealed enclosure. To get a nice ported bass response extension of around 40-60 Hz you need to model response with the size and box volume.


To make it easier look for DIY internet speaker designs using these parts or find designs and look for exact tweeter and woofer similar in price to what you are currently looking at.


Also have a read here before proceeding https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/189847-introduction-designing-crossovers-measurement.html





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These are small speakers, so mdf will be ok.  Hardwood ply is better for larger speakers.


I agree with the above advice - search for existing enclosure designs using the drivers - other people may have done the hard work for you to get it right (and you might pick up info that helps you learn along the way). 


Good luck with your DIY audio journey - in time you will have the potential to have built and be enjoying an awesome hifi for a fraction of retail. 


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