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SOLD: FS: Sherwood Newcastle A-965 7-channel Power Amplifier

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Item: Sherwood Newcastle A-965 7-Channel Power Amplifier
Location: Canberra, ACT
Price: $600 neg.
Item Condition: Very good - some marks and scratches (see pics)
Reason for selling: No longer being used
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


Ignore the name, this is an extremely well-built, effortless sounding 7 channel amplifier. The Newcastle range was Sherwood’s premium offering and bears no resemblance to the cheap mid-fi Sherwood stuff that JB sold for years. Retailed for $1,500 USD when new (I believe around $3,000 AUD).


This unit weighs in at over 30kg with dual toroidal transformers and discrete mono-block-style amplifiers for each channel. Capable of outputting 100 W at 8 ohms with all channels driven, this amp is perfect for a big home theatre setup or bi-amping (or tri-amping !) some power-hungry stereo speakers.


Lots of very positive reviews and forum threads online. The same amp was also sold as the Boston Acoustics A7200.


This particular unit has a few marks and scratches (see photographs) but is in excellent working order.


Given the weight of this unit, I’d prefer a local sale, but open to sending if anyone can suggest a decent courier. Buyer pays postage.



·       All-Channels-Driven Power 20 Hz-20 kHz: 100 Watts per channel (x7) into 8 ohms

·       All-Channels-Driven Power 20 Hz-20 kHz: 160 Watts per channel (x7) into 4 ohms

·       Two-Channels-Driven Power 20 Hz-20 kHz: 120 Watts per channel (x2) into 8 ohms

·       THD for all test conditions above: Less than 0.02%

·       Signal to noise ratio: 115 dB (18.7 bits digital equivalent)

·       Dimensions (H x W x D): 7 5/8” x 17 3/8” x18”

·       Weight: 80 lbs.












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Price drop $650 to $600 negotiable
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I'll be honest, I had no idea these existed. 

It's a gorgeous looking unit, simple and clean, with specs to back it up. 

If I didn't already have 2 rotel amps I would buy this in a heart beat, especially at the listed price. I don't expect this to be available for very long at all, in fact I give it till the end of the day at most. 


GLWS mate! 

Not that you will need it 😉

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Yeah if I hadn't just bought a Rotel and NAD amps I would be jumping on this - still tempted though.

Slim chance I might be driving through Canberra on my way home to WA this weekend - hmmmmmmmmm

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Thanks guys! It's a pretty impressive piece of kit.


Not sure if it's the Canberra factor or the Sherwood badge but haven't had a lot of bites yet - dropping the price $50 and open to offers!

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