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SOLD: RME ADI-2 dac,/headamp/preamp - ADL

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Location: Adelaide 
Price: $1250 Inc postage within Australia (Inc original box) 
Item Condition: excellent
Reason for selling: Short and spectacular foray into HeadFi had to come to an end. 
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal fees extra, COD. 
Extra Info:

German designed and manufactured DAC/headamp/preamp with iem, phones, rca and balanced outputs. Analog gain step volume control suits direct-to-amp configurations. Extremely powerful parametric EQ/dsp if you want to apply headphone corrections and store multiple set-ups and assign them to different outputs. Akm 4490eq dac chip implemented with extremely low noise and great dynamics.


A gazillion other favourable  reviews out there. 

Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.







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A very flexible unit whose eq is superb (and you can control the profiles from the remote) and whose volume control is both stated and verified independently to be inaudible. You can even, easily, program it to implement a proper loudness curve to make your system more accurate in frequency response than anyone's without such a device. (Fletcher-Munsen curves ftw.) There's just nothing for this kind of money that comes close. Last time I checked street-price was around $1700 in Oz. Oh, and you get a very very good headphone amp (with a separate input that will even drive high sensitivity IEMs without noise) thrown in for free.

For those of us who like to listen to a broad range of music I can't understate the value of a selectable eq. If you have capable speakers (the Crown Princes are a great example) you might like the tightness and sparkle of some Yamaha NS1000s for acoustic guitar and small ensemble jazz but prefer a a response closer to the Harman curve for Movies or rock. With the RME you can have that at the touch of a button and with zero sonic penalty. It makes you that much more likely to be happy with your speakers over the long term and not yearn for a change - that much of the time at the high end, amounts to a little more than a tonal adjustment. 

What's not to like! 

edit :- does not do 2-way crossover - my error - removed, for those that might not read any more.  Thank you to musicbee for the correction. 

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I have one of these. My opinion.... 
-Great Dac, more organic vs most Sabre implementations (Not as organic as R2R

-Super transparent and quick volume control

-Amazing Eq, which can help fix room and speaker freq issues

-The ability to be save Eq presets is gold

-High performing sound, which can be shaped within the bounds of the Eq available 

-Programmable loudness adjustment

-Dynamic and quiet IEM and headphone output 
-Customisable and Informative on screen clocking info, signal levels, etc 


I personally save two Eq profiles. 
-One for my speakers, 50hz Peq cut, high freq quasi shelf from 5khz up) 

-Bass boost shelf below 100hz, for my Akg k712 headphones

The dac actually allows independent left nd right channel Eq. 

A great AKM DAC implementation with none of the audiophile bullshit.


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1 hour ago, treuben said:

It'll be a two-way crossover if you like

How is that? Can you separately EQ the different outputs?

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42 minutes ago, sleach said:

How is that? Can you separately EQ the different outputs?

I don’t believe that’s possible with the adi 2. As the Dac only has one dac chip. 

The pro version has two dac chips and I believe allows seperate Eq on Xlr and rca outputs at the same time. 

You would need two Adi2’s to achieve the same. The adi2 allows independent left and right eq only, for line, iem and phones. 

You also cannot select crossover type or roll off so either way it’s really stretching the use case quite a lot. 

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7 minutes ago, musicbee said:

The pro version has two dac chips and I believe allows seperate Eq on Xlr and rca outputs at the same time. 

Thanks, that makes sense. I should add that I do have one of these and it is a truly exceptional device, I highly recommend it. GLWTS

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Aside from those already said, one of the most impressive is how clean the sound projection is, typical byproduct of great and phase error free psu

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My mistake. I'm sorry to cloud the issue by mentioning the crossover. I see a 2.1 and 2.2 output in my linux ALSA devices when using this machine and I must have misread the combined ADI-PRO and ADI2-DAC forum at some stage leading me to make some erroneous assumptions. It does everything I need it to do certainly.. and more. 

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