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WTB: Phono cable RCA to RCA

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Item: Phono cable (RCA to RCA)
Price Range: open minded
Item Condition: New or Used
Extra Info:

If any members have a good quality phono cable lying around or not being used, then I'm happy to consider purchasing it.


I am after an RCA to RCA about 1.2 meter and of course with the earthing cable.




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I have a 1.1m Mogami Neglex 2534, with Canare F-10 connectors - I make them for my own use and for others.


This is one that I made for someone else - they decided that they wanted a longer cable. You can have this for $30. I can make any length you want.


1m $40

1.2m $50

1.5M $60

1.8m $70

2.0m $80

2.5m $95

3.0m $100.


I also have some speaker cables and make speaker cables using Canare and excellent locking bananas or spades.


Pics below of both RCA and Speaker cables:







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OMG.  Don’t advertise you make cables. Geoff will pounce 😜

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