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Epson EHTW5600 Projector - Red Blotch and Flickering on Eco Mode

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Hey all,

I had the above projector for about 1 month and it appears that under a fully black scene I can see a red blotch on the screen (its out of focus where the rest of the screen is focused).

If I try and focus the blotch and make the rest of the screen out of focus, I can make out a rough pixel structure more like a rough rock shape. Makes me think there is a problem maybe with the optical engine o.


The other issue is unfortunately the projector light flickers when the projector is on eco mode. Eco mode was more than bright enough and prefer it as the fan is much lower in volume.


Just wondering what Epson's warranty is like when it comes to these things?


I found a picture of it online. Looks almost identical to this (this is focused in so the red blotch is in focus).



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Most likely a dust blob affecting the image. Sounds like you also have a faulty lamp or ballast. Epson are usually good with warranty. Given it's only a month old, I'd be approaching the retailer regarding it being treated as a DOA and replaced with a new one.

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yes talk to retailer, in my case a while back with earlier gen epson. i got the run around from epson themselves. took months to resolve. in end got a new projector. definitely push for that.


Its a back to base warranty 




so epson really will want you to talk to retailer who will likely take it or let you drop off at service centre. either way they will want to have a look what the problem actually is and what can be done to repair. pretty standard really. and no different to any other maker. seeing in victoria, not sure they have a service centre for projectors. check but i have a feeling now days epson service is in sydney as the local epson service guy is no longer around. 


some WATCHOUTS with epson... its quite possible rather than fix they will drop a refurb light engine in there.... in my case that was found as per local tech to be not suitable and told why and suggested to not accept. my epson had 8 hours on it ! in the us they do advanced exhale where you just get a refurb sent out to you.


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