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Cue damping fluid YA-39 tonearm GT750/GT2000

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Has anyone replaced the cuing fluid on these turntables/tonearm before? I've done it on many turntables before but i'm unable to work it out on these. I removed the tonearm from the deck, removed the C clip washer and spring above the cuing shaft but the cuing shaft won't come out. I've tried removing it from the top via the cuing shoulder and it just seems stuck in place. Slides up and down a little but there is something holding it stopping it from sliding out completely. That plastic bracket that surrounds it is impossible to remove because 2 out of the 3 screws are blocked by the arm base (as seen in the second picture). I did notice that there is a little grub screw on the outside of where the cuing shaft is (top picture). I removed this and it allowed it to have more play side to side but still doesn't allow me to slide it out from the top or bottom. I'm starting to think this is where the fluid goes in via a syringe. Only issue is  if this is the case i'm unsure on how to clean the old stuff off since I cant actively remove the shaft. Anyone who owns one of these tables and has done one of these I'd appreciate your input as I'm quite stumped. (Pictures are from the 750 arm base)





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