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New TV. Old Amplifier

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Just got a new tv.  LG oled 55 B9, after the old toshiba died and I want to ad an amp and speakers and they will have to be discrete so no HT set up.

the room is 4.3by 4.5

The LG people suggest that Hdmi is the best audio connection possibly because this does Dolby Atmos etc but mostly use the tv for free to air so not sure if that is applicable

I do have a spare amp, Dynavector HX75 power amp that has rca connectors

I dont have the speakers yet

do I need to get a dac to connect to amp and tv or preamp with dac or is there a converter that will take an Hdmi signal and send it to and amp.

  TheTV was 1.8k so trying to keep costs to half or a bit more second hand is fine and I have  no experience of active speakers if that is a route that will produce the best sound for the dollar.



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As the Dynavector HX75 is a power amp you would be best served with a preamp with DAC capability. Assuming you dont need any analogue inputs (turntable etc), something like a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital would suit without breaking the bank:-




Alternatively, see if you can pick up a pre-loved Cambridge Audio CXN (v1 or v2 if the price is right). This will also add full music streaming into the mix, and being a full sized component will marry up well with the Dynavector. This will be a potent combo with a decent set of (passive) speakers.



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Thanks for that😁

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