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How to Guarantee a BLUE vinyl copy of ChangesTwoBowie

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A bit of fun for our Sunday mornings...


Unfortunately, you're gonna need to lug some scales into your local record store, or, buy 3 copies of it like me!    🤡



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Personally, I would be asking how do I get a black vinyl copy every time :)


but, I do not buy for re-sale so blue seems to be better for that.



Edited by metal beat

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3 hours ago, metal beat said:

Personally, I would be asking how do I get a black vinyl copy every time :)


but, I do not buy for re-sale so blue seems to be better for that.



Now you know.


Thanks for watching.

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    • By Alanpartridge
      Item: David Bowie - A New Career In A New Town - vinyl box set
      Location: Perth 6034
      Price: $275
      Item Condition: Brand New
      Reason for selling: Not needed
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Deposit
      Extra Info:
      Duplicate gift, unopened box as pictured.
      Can post through Officeworks Mailman for $22 or Auspost at Cost
      Info from David bowie.com
      LP Box Set:
      84 Page hardback book 
      Low (remastered) (1LP)
      "Heroes" (remastered) (1LP)
      “Heroes” E.P. (remastered) (12” Single)*
      Stage (remastered) (2LP Yellow Vinyl) *
      Stage (2017) (remastered)  (3LP)
      Lodger (remastered) (1LP)
      Lodger (Tony Visconti 2017 Mix) (1LP)*
      Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (1LP)
      Re:Call 3 (non-album singles, single versions and b-sides) (remastered) (2LP)*
      * Exclusive to ‘A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982)’
      ‘A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN (1977-1982)’ CD & Vinyl Tracklistings (showing Vinyl side breaks)
      Released on RCA PL 12030 (U.K.) / CPL1-2030 (U.S.) on 14th January, 1977.
      Side 1
      1. Speed Of Life                                        
      2. Breaking Glass                                       
      3. What In The World                                              
      4. Sound And Vision                                      
      5. Always Crashing In The Same Car                               
      6. Be My Wife                                   
      7. A New Career In A New Town  
      Side 2
      1. Warszawa                                              
      2. Art Decade                                                                          
      3. Weeping Wall                                         
      4. Subterraneans
      Released on RCA PL 12522 (U.K.) / AFL1-2522 (U.S.) 
      Side 1
      1. Beauty And The Beast 
      2. Joe The Lion 
      3. "Heroes" 
      4. Sons Of The Silent Age 
      5. Blackout 
      Side 2
      1. V-2 Schneider 
      2. Sense Of Doubt 
      3. Moss Garden 
      4. Neuköln
      5. The Secret Life Of Arabia
      "HEROES" E.P.
      Side 1
      1. "Heroes"/"Helden" (German album version) 
      2. "Helden" (German single version) 
      Side 2
      1. "Heroes"/"Héros" (French album version) 
      2. "Héros" (French single version)
      STAGE (Original)
      Released on RCA PL 02913 (U.K.) / CPL2-2913 (U.S.) 
      Side 1
      1. Hang On To Yourself
      2. Ziggy Stardust
      3. Five Years
      4. Soul Love
      5. Star
      Side 2
      1. Station To Station
      2. Fame
      3. TVC 15
      Side 3
      1. Warszawa
      2. Speed Of Life
      3. Art Decade
      4. Sense Of Doubt
      5. Breaking Glass
      Side 4
      1. "Heroes"
      2. What In The World
      3. Blackout
      4. Beauty And The Beast
      STAGE (2017)
      Side 1
      1. Warszawa
      2. "Heroes"
      3. What In The World
      Side 2
      1. Be My Wife
      2. The Jean Genie *
      3. Blackout
      4. Sense Of Doubt
      Side 3
      1. Speed Of Life
      2. Breaking Glass
      3. Beauty And The Beast
      4. Fame
      Side 4
      1. Five Years
      2. Soul Love
      3. Star
      4. Hang On To Yourself
      5. Ziggy Stardust
      6. Suffragette City *
      Side 5
      1. Art Decade
      2. Alabama Song
      3. Station To Station
      Side 6
      1. Stay
      2. TVC 15
      * Previously unreleased
      Released on RCA PL 13254 (U.K.) / APL1-3254 (U.S.) 
      LODGER (2017 Tony Visconti mix)
      Side 1
      1. Fantastic Voyage 
      2. African Night Flight 
      3. Move On 
      4. Yassassin (Turkish for: Long Live) 
      5. Red Sails 
      Side 2
      1. D.J.  
      2. Look Back In Anger 
      3. Boys Keep Swinging 
      4. Repetition  
      5. Red Money
      Released on RCA BOWLP 2 (PL 13647) (U.K.) / AQL1-3647 (U.S.) 
      Side 1
      1. It's No Game (Part 1)                                                
      2. Up The Hill Backwards                                                
      3. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)                            
      4. Ashes To Ashes                                                       
      5. Fashion                                                              
      Side 2
      1. Teenage Wildlife                                                     
      2. Scream Like A Baby                                           
      3. Kingdom Come                                                 
      4. Because You're Young 
      5. It's No Game (Part 2)
      RE:CALL 3
      Side 1
      1. "Heroes" (single version) 
      2. Beauty And The Beast (extended version) 
      3. Breaking Glass (Australian single version) 
      4. Yassassin (single version) 
      5. D.J. (single version) 
      Side 2
      1. Alabama Song 
      2. Space Oddity (1979 version) 
      3. Ashes To Ashes (single version) 
      4. Fashion (single version) 
      5. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (single version)
      Side 3
      1. Crystal Japan 
      2. Under Pressure (single version) - Queen and David Bowie
      3. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) (soundtrack album version) 
      4. Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy * - David Bowie and Bing Crosby
      * mono
      Side 4
      Bertolt Brecht's Baal
      1. Baal's Hymn 
      2. Remembering Marie A. 
      3. Ballad Of The Adventurers 
      4. The Drowned Girl 
      5. The Dirty Song


    • By Discus
      Item: David Bowie Five Years (69-93) 13LP Box Set.
      Location: Sydney
      Price: $299.00 only
      Item Condition: New. Sealed
      Payment Method: Credit cards/PayPal
      Extra Info: 
      ☻ 180g Vinyl 10 Album Box Set
      ☻ Original albums newly remastered ☻ 84-page book ☻ Rarely seen photos ☻ Technical notes about each album from producer Tony Visconti and Ken Scott ☻ Original press review for each album ☻ Short foreword by Kinks' frontman Ray Davies   Pictures: See above
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