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Galactic Soap

FS: 2 x Audioquest WEL XLR - 1 Meter

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Item: Two Audioquest WEL XLR - 1 Meter 
Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches 
Price: XLR #1 - $3,000; XLR #2 - $2,500
Item Condition: XLR #1 - 9/10; XLR #2 - 8/10
Reason for selling: Raising Funds/System Consolidation 
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


UPDATE: A prospective buyer asked that I double check the length of both cables. Particularly XLR #1 given the change from RCA to XLR. I'm glad he did. Both XLR#1 cables are 10 cm shorter than XLR #2. The end to end measurements from the end of one XLR to the opposite end i.e. End to End are:


XLR #1 - 95CM

XLR #2 - 105CM


Legendary interconnects, and the current top of AQ's range. Created by AQ to honor its founder William E Low (WEL) the WEL range of AQ products sits imperiously atop AQ's ever changing, continuously improving range of analog and digital cables. While the components below iteratively advance the sound-quality of the edition that preceded it, I feel it is quite telling that AQ's WEL range of analogue interconnects to this day remain the best AQ has to offer. 


Read more of the innovation and technology deployed across the AQ WEL line-up via this LINK, note also the price for a 1 meter run of AQ WEL XLR exactly like XLR #1 below comes in at an eye watering $11,500 for 1 Meter at Melbourne Hifi.


XLR #1 was used between my Chord DAVE & Accuphase Pre, and XLR #2 was used between my Accuphase Pre & Power amplifier. The resolution they imparted on my system was breathtaking. The WEL XLR's allowed the DAVE to unashamedly showcase its strengths and for the Accuphase components to flex their renowned musicality. Despite the WEL's all silver metallurgy my TAD CR-1 speakers (and their hyper resolving beryllium tweeter and midrange) never imparted a sense of shrillness or edge. It was musicality laid bare. Stunning. 


I'm moving on from these amazing interconnects, along with much of my system due to a variety of reasons. None of them have anything to do with seeking an upgrade. I genuinely believe you simply don't get better IMHO. 


As with all things Audio Quest provenance is important, as such here's how I came about both interconnects:


XLR #1

XLR #1 started its life in RCA guise purchased from an SNA'r on this forum. He purchased the RCA's from Audiophile Utopia in Sydney (A brick and mortar store that's since closed down). AQ offer to accommodate a lifetime of changes to its top tier products. If you want to change your RCA's to XLR's, or your full-range speaker cables to Bi-Wire just send the cables into AQ who will validate their authenticity and then commence the work. AQ warn buyers of second hand cables that if they find the cable not to be authentic they will destroy it and you'll have to wear the cost and the experience. I have to admit I was more than a little nervous when I sent the cables into Ambertech on facilitated the update of the RCA's to XLR via AQ's man on the ground in the Asia Pacific region Shaun Shuetz. The relief when Shaun confirmed their authenticity by facilitating the update of the cable was palpable. He replaced the rather large RCA Boccino Audio terminations for the current XLR housing. The original RCA housing is included in the sale.


XLR #2

Was purchased from SNA'r @44maloo. He provided me a picture of a receipt from Audiophile Utopia. Which immediately put my mind at ease given this was the source of the XLR #1 that AQ had confirmed as original via Ambertech. It is an older version of WEL XLR as the XLR housing used is the older Boccino Audio type. Which is to say, an excellent XLR in its own right. 


There you have it everyone. Your chance to save some serious dollars on some of the best analogue interconnects available today. 


As with all my sales both components are priced less than anything available or recently sold on Hifi Shark. Excluding the ummm, versions, from Chinese Taipei. Prices are firm. 


XLR #1

Apologies about the state of the box:





XLR #2








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