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stopped wasting money cables signals and space with a phono pre

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After trawling through at least 4 phono pre amps over the past 10 years:


Cambridge Audio


and Vincent ( with sep p supply); 

I decided to do something "silly"  - I plugged my 301 (with Grace F8 Ruby) into the hitherto ignored  gold plated phono input on my Onkyo Integra P304  (pictured).  Time: 10.45 PM 

Voila!  It sounded marvellous - great imaging, detail and separation. Goodbye Phono pre!!   Plus,  I can use the outdated non PC "tone control" to do all sorts of things to my lp's.  

This is from a piece of kit that is almost 40 years old...


It has a huge transformer - better than the first four pre amps put together.  Maybe there's something in this little detail. 


That's my "aha" thought for the day.  


Disclaimer: I can't  afford a an expensive pre amp.  If I could, I would have....



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agree with above post, its all about audition, even if it's your own gear, and your ears make the final decision.

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not surprised @helotoby!!!


love the phono stage on my Onkyo A8150. It's an integrated amp from mid 80s and not as fancy as your Integra, however after trying several dedicated phonos (of a sub $400 variety) went right back to the Onkyo's phono input as it simply sounded the best.




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I have several integrated amps, pre and turntables. I can hear the differences of different combinations, I choose the one which is the sweetest to my ear. It is all about your personal feeling, most of the time.

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