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Galactic Soap

FS: [RELIST & DROP #2] Pioneer S1-EX Floor Standers 

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Item: Pioneer S1-EX Floor Standers 
Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches
Price: DROP FROM $9K to $8K to $7K ONO  + Shipping + Fees
Item Condition: 8/10 - See description below
Reason for selling: Change of circumstances
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


This hurts....Price now dropped to $7K, open to trades, cash + trade, offers. Come at me - worst I can say is no. :)


I loathe selling these speakers. However, life is all about compromises. I recently acquired a pair of TAD Compact Reference Monitors and part of that deal meant coming to an agreement with my wife that these speakers wouldn't grace our lounge room. There's a part of me that's hopeful that they won't sell as I'll move them upstairs to another room in the house.  


If you're in the market for a speaker at this price-point and not familiar with the lineage of Pioneer's EX range then do yourself a favor and read up on what is undoubtedly one of high-end audio's best-kept secrets.  


Designed under the guidance of Andrew Jones when he was at TAD the S1-EX sits alongside the likes of B&W's 802 Diamond, Monitor Audio Platinum 300's, Sonus Faber Amati Homage, and other top tier offerings from the likes of Dynaudio, and Magico.


I had this particular pair shipped from Japan. That in itself was quite a stressful process, one I wouldn't recommend anyone else explore, at least not the way I went about it.


Upon receiving the speakers I transported my electronics from my place to my parents place (where the speakers were initially delivered, and are still located) to make sure they worked as they should. I didn't move from the listening position for the next hours. The sound was INCREDIBLE.  There are simply not enough adjectives in the English language to convey the musicality and resolution I heard that night. The combination of a TAD inspired Berrylium tweeter and Magnesium coaxial driver, coupled with Andrew Jones' speaker design genius resulted in a speaker that is both emotive and technically brilliant. 


Each speaker weighs 66 kg's and at a tick under 1.3M aren't inconspicuous. However, their physicality is symbolic of their musicality, which is to say this is a statement piece in both sound and image.


The speakers present extremely well. The original Japanese auction listing these speakers appear to have been purchased from talks to some hairline scratches on the veneer. If they are there I can't see them. 


Prospective buyers would need to arrange their own transport, including picking the speakers up from their location in Sydney. They are incredibly heavy. 


I won't say anything more other than point you in the direction of the Stereophile Review for the S-1EX:




An interesting comparison of the S-1EX, Monitor Audio Platinum 300 series, Sonus Faber Amati Homage:






Apologies about the quality of the picture. As the speakers are at my parent's place I haven't had a chance to take as many as I usually do for my listings. Happy to provide more detailed pictures for serious prospective buyers.



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I could be wrong, but speakers like these were on one of the hi-fi shows in Melbourne 5 or more years ago.  I did not expect anything and walked into room expecting to be out of it within few seconds.  I walk out impressed with these speakers as they made Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" sound like an audiophile recording. Guys from Pioneer explained that they were designed by TAD's Andrew Jones (as TAD is one of the Pioneer's brands) and it did show.





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Thanks @kresimirfab -  I appreciate you sharing that. The net is peppered with accounts of how these speakers go toe to toe with some of the best speakers in the world. As I mentioned in my ad, owning TAD CR-1's I'd suggest that they are the more musical of the two speakers while giving up very little in terms of out and out resolution. 


There are some serious high-end bargains on the forums these days, I'd wager that this pair is right up there with some of the best buying any punter could ask for - particularly at this price.  :)  

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I am not interested in these speakers at the moment - I am in Melbourne and I just spent 5K on few things around the house (dishwasher, AC and few other things), but I would hate to see such a decent pair of speakers not getting appropriate attention (as far as I can hear).  I can tell you, I was in for a real surprise there.  With a great deal of respect, I think I can say that Pioneer had few great pieces in low to middle range hi-fi (I had one of their CD players PD-S 901 with stable plate mechanism), but I did not expect this level of resolution, detail and transparency from them.

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These are probably one of maybe 3 speakers I would sell my current speakers to buy. 
Too bad it’s so close to Christmas.  
GLWTS mate. These from all accounts are an audiophile bargain. 

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