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Codependent Habits

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So I thought I would actually create a resolution this year to be in better health (I am generally but want to step it up a bit). I quickly changed it to a 3 month resolution to hedge my bets.


Overall it was to stop drinking and eat to a plan.


Without getting into details there has been one curious side effect.


I am not missing drinking (used to drink the lion's share of a bottle or two over a week) and I would normally have a glass (or two) of wine when listening to music. Now that I am not drinking I don't feel like listening. So the two habits had become codependent :) A bit like snacking and watching TV.


I guess the answer is to attach a new habit to the music listening - like listening to the music for example (might hear things I did not with a glass of red in the system).

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Nah - sell the music system, pops!  :lol:


That way you've got 2 benefits:

  1.  you no longer 'waste' money on alcohol.
  2.  you bring in some money from the sale of your music system.  Which you can spend on other things!  :)




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Guest Muon N'

We get comfort from what is familiar, once not drinking and listening becomes more familiar it will be OK, just takes time for the new to become as familiar as the old and then becomes the new normal..

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