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Classified ad - proceeds to RFS?

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Hi, I wanted to run this up the flagpole to see whether it's acceptable. I'd like to sell a couple of unneeded (audio-related) items and donate the proceeds to the RFS. Items are new or near-new and thus in excellent condition, the price will be an excellent deal. Assuming they need to be shipped, I'd be comfortable with this procedure:


  1. Buyer pays by bank deposit to my account.
  2. I pack and ship.
  3. Buyer confirms item acceptable. If not, buyer sends back for refund.
  4. Otherwise, I donate proceeds (excl shipping) to RFS using my debit card on this page and send a copy of the receipt to the buyer. Note that the donation will be in my name, the buyer cannot claim a tax deduction.


The process might take a couple of weeks all up.  For cash pickup obviously a lot quicker.


I would not be comfortable with sending an item based on a PDF donation receipt made by the buyer, as I've been scammed by PDF receipts before. How does the buyer know I'm not running a scam - see my selling feedback I guess and you'll be welcome to call me and discuss.


So that's about it. Feeling a bit bloody useless with the chaos everywhere and this would provide a little help ongoing.


Thanks, please let me know if this would be acceptable here.



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As an alternative, there's already a process in place on SNA for the Red Cross -



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Great idea John! Just list your items in the usual way with the expressed intention of donating the funds then hit the donate button once sold. Easy peasy 👍

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