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SOLD: FS: Stello DP 200 PreAmp/DAC

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Item: Stello DP 200 PreAmp/DAC
Location: Bathurst 
Price: $500
Item Condition: Good used condition- see images
Reason for selling: Got me a dedicated listening room which means I no longer need two DACS.  My Auralic Vega will remain my primary DAC.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: I bought this recently from a fellow SNA’er and used it to good effect in my old office.  However I have now brought everything into a new listening room. 


Whilst this DAC dates back to 2004, it certainly keeps up with the new crop of DACS. This is an up sampling DAC which I’ll up sample to 24/192, however it only accepts inputs up to 24/96.  As good as the DAC is, the great thing with this unit is that it features a class A pre-amp as well potentially reducing the equipment count by one.


The sound is dynamic without being bright or edgy the only area for me that did not quite jell was the very low base where it sounded slightly recessed at least to my ears.  I preferred this unit with the AES/EBU input although the unbalanced SPDIF wasn’t bad either.


i have the original packing, manual and remote.

Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.







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