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LG SL10YG vs LG SL8YG soundbars

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Succumbing to pressure to reduce wires in the "home theatre".  Currently have a typical 5.1 surround amp and wired speakers and active sub.  Also use Chromecast on the back and control it from Google Home.


Hence looking at the LG SL10YG,  LG SL8YG soundbars with built in Chromecast and Google Assistant.


The big question in my mind is the quality of the 5.1  sound from the SL10YG.  I am suspecting it will be poor compared to a proper 5.1 setup with real rear speakers, and not much better than 3.1 sound of the SL8YG.   Wondering if I should save my money and buy the cheaper SL8YG as the difference in price is $995  vs  $595.

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Mind if I bump this?  I plan to go shopping tomorrow and I am still undecided.  


Features like  570W, 5.1.2ch with Meridian, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Google assistant appeal to me.     


I really don't have to good a handle on the 5.1.2 vs 3.1.2  thing.  Are the extra 2 channels going to make much difference when they aren't real, and just "simulated" by the  soundbar?

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Oh well, I guess no-one  knows much about them yet.  They are fairly new.


So, I read up on everything about them I could find - reviews were all quite good.  I downloaded the manual and read it - wow, yeah I did :)    I found the features and implementation quite convincing, so I just went out and bought the SL10 - the big (nearly 1.5 metres) 5.1.2 version.  About $700 off, depending if you believe the quoted original price.


Installed it, all fairly easy, it even talks to you when first powered up telling you to install Google Home and set it up.  I already have quite a bit of home automation under the Google Home scheme, so I just added it in to my "Living Room" setup.


I told myself I would buy the rear speakers if I felt it needed them (making it 7.1.2), but so far I am finding it quite impressive just as it is.  

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