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I have an old Rega Planar 2, slate with a silicone barrier added to plinth, squash balls for feet, fitted a moth oem202 arm with an ortofon quintet blue MC cartridge, has a project cork mat. I purchased and fitted a Tangospinner subplatter, never had an issue with static, but with the Tangospinner the cork mat lifted off with the record, usually change records with the platter spinning, when i went to take the cork mat off record you could hear the crackling of static, i tried a new anti-static brush, but no change. The wiring for the Moth arm has no seperate earth, so i made up a lead and connected it to my NAD PP2e earth tap and the other end left bare, spread the strands, obtained a nut to fit over the bearing housing thread under the turntable, this was a loose fit, managed to get the wire between the nut and thread, could only tighten the nut so far, no more issues with static




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Try this (it works for me) if you get any further issues:


On your last pass of the brush, go slowly out to in, trailing off over the centre pin.



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