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Nurburgring... Bucket list signed off

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A couple of months back I got to sign of one of my bucket list items, to drive the Nurburgring.

lots of different ways of doing it, from a little money to A LOT of money!


I went with a bit of money, hired a Ringfreaks BMW 330i which was basically VLN V5 class racing car but I think they tune the engine down a bit


ended up doing a 10:03 lap (BtG) which I was rather happy with as I only did 4 laps.

if you are bored, here is the last lap, the 3 things that appeared to me in watching it back is how slow it looks, how lucky I was having the track almost to myself and how cleanly I ended up driving.

another bucket list signed off was a trip to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, amazing place with an amazing collection of cars.

that was followed by 8 days on a Ducati MTS950 through the Euro Alps, not really a bucket list item, I done it a few times before :P 


what did the wife think of all this? 

One lap was enough of the Nurburgring, I think the petrol fumes got to her 

The Porsche Museum, well 60 photos posted to her Facebook account said something

the Alps? She was on the back of the Duc smacking me on the back of the helmet to go faster.. I have to admit, 2 up in the Alp is a challenging ride.






and if you really want to see how the Nurburgring is done, here is Porsche smashing the 35yo lap record last year, and no, its not sped up! 








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