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The official StereoNet Rise of Skywalker Spoilers Thread

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Alright... I'm deprived of sleep today, having been Wednesday up all day, a small nap before midnight, back in bed at 3AM and taking the kids to school at 7:30.


But, oh what a feeling! Star Wars on the ceiling!


Seriously, I liked it a lot. But you know me, it's the main saga, so, there really isn't much they could have done wrong and it has a big element of nostalgia.


Chewie and Lando were highlights. That end battle scene with the ships is epic. The scenery is spectacular, especially that planet on the waves.


I was a bit disappointed that Rose got a little part only and no further development with Finn. At times it did feel a bit rushed, but then again, it was midnight and a long day. Nothing that a trip with my kids over the holidays cannot cure.


Palpatine was scary, like, bad scary, sets the tone from the beginning. As for Hux, as my mate said... "He made his bed".


I have the feeling a lot of people will hate this movie, technically, there's a lot to criticise if you want. That's not for me. It's Star Wars after all, and it delivers what you expect, light sabers, Jedis, battles, Sith, mean guys, and some minor plot twists and the odd surprise.


That's all for now. I'm tired.





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I loved it! First SW film to make me tear up not once but 3 damn times (Chewie, Leia, and C-3PO) but that's most likely the nostalgia element having grown up with these characters. So any homage moments to films of yore and loved how they basically erased the last film (which was crap)

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Saw it Saturday, can not emphasise enough how much I enjoyed it.  The start was genuinely dark, it had fantastic throw backs throughout the film and I found myself really getting emotionally nostalgic many times BUT nothing prepared me for the goose bumps and slight welling when at the end (an opening for spin off clearly) back to Tattoine Rey proclaimed herself a skywalkwer.  Brilliant. 



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I thought it was appalling.  Terrible dialog, bad acting, terrible action scenes (professional storm troopers that can’t shoot a target 10ft in front of them) a story that barely made sense.  Didn’t even think the sfx was that special.


only good thing was the line - “yeah - they fly now” in reference to the flying storm troopers.  Kind of taking the pi$$ out of the franchise.


such a good universe - just a shame they can’t get some decent screen writers.  Rogue one was much better.





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Surprised there is not more discussion?


The only Star Wars movie I didn't see in the cinema going back to a New Hope I saw twice in cinema as a 7 yo kid.


So watched this the other day along with Terminator Dark Fate, the other movie I hadn't see of the entire franchise in the cinema..


Right from the start of this new trilogy they had completely forgettable characters and names Ray, Po and Finn and throughout was little chemistry or that they were even friends compared to the OT 3.


And the reveal she is a Palpatine and dropping old wrinkle face and his secret armada out of nowhere, though her god mode power already was maybe a hint at who she was, but her struggle with the dark side could have been the theme throughout this trilogy, though would copy the prequels, then closing with her saying she is a Skywalker, hence the title, felt a bit off and forced.

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