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It shouldnt work but it does...why?

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I bought a pair of Wharfedale Lintons 85 a few weeks ago and ran them with my NAD Mosfet 100w per side power amp, Schitt Saga pre.


Sounded good to my ears and very musical. Very happy with my purchase.


Then for giggles thought I would connect up my Weston Acoustics TM45 timemachine. type 45 valves. 1.8w per side.


no it did not really work. Not enough volume. But I could hear some mid range magic, and finese.


Swapped out to 2a3 valves at 4w per channel.


WOW! midrange emotion, solid bass lines, light but airy trebble. Real music that put a big smile on my face and me shaking my head.


These speakers suppose to be difficult to drive, spend some time below 6 ohms down to about 2 ohms, only big brute amplifiers need apply.


yet it sounded great with 4w.


Sure, i run out of volume at times, but the sound is wonderful !!


I was going to sell the TM45 - not now !!!


Sometimes this hobby surprises 😁

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Yep, while it most likely would meassure like s..t, it can still sound great to some ears.😂

That is why I think discussions about how some thing sound are fruitless. Unless you hear it for yourself reviews are a waste of my time.

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These are 90Db sensitivity with 6 ohm nominal impedance which is about as easy as it gets in compact speakers. They do dip down to 3.5 ohms but never 2 ohms. Of course ,as with any good speaker the more (quality ) power the better.  https://www.wharfedale.co.uk/linton/

I am pleased it worked out so well though.:thumb:

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