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SOLD: FS: Dynaudio Xeo 6 + Xeo Hub

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Item: Dynaudio Xeo 6 + Xeo Hub
Location: West Wyalong, NSW
Price:  $2100  
Item Condition: Good condition, some marking on Xeo Hub
Reason for selling: Not getting as much use out of them as expected, and they are too large for the room I have them in.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: 

I'm considering parting with my Dynaudio Xeo 6 speakers and accompanying Xeo Hub, as they're spending far too much time not being used.


This is a fully contained system with active speakers wirelessly connected to the Xeo Hub, which handles both analogue and digital inputs. 


I don't have anywhere near enough experience to describe the speakers properly, I can just say they sound damn good to me. I spend a much larger amount of time in front of my PC, so use headphones often and am using a near field set up instead of dedicated speakers in a separate room. I'm able to transport the speakers to Sydney as I travel there frequently, or elsewhere if you're not too far out of the way. Postage options are limited at best as I live in a pretty rural area, nearest pack and send is 1h45m away. If you're interested please send me a PM and we can hopefully work something out.



For reference, Addicted to Audio has their demo set going for $4299 so I think this is a pretty good price. 


Find the product page here: https://www.dynaudio.com/home-audio/xeo/xeo-6







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Sale pending

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