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Problem with LUXMAN L-309V Intergrated Amp

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Trying to fix the issue with this Luxman amp.

Takes a while to get out of protection on start-up. When outputting more than about 1W, speaker makes popping sound, if left playing, makes one really loud pop and turns itself back to protection mode.

I took it open and got some pictures.

Seems like the amp had been repaired before. One of the amp board looks like it's been blown up before.

the main power transistors looks different on the power amps, is that a concern?  The 2SA679 is swapped for 2SB655A and 2SC1079 is swapped to 2SD675A.

Any ideas what would be causing the issue?

Any help is appreciated.







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If the L-309V has pre-out/main in RCA's then remove the joining links and plug your source/phone/pod... at minimum volume into the main-in RCA's, slowly increase volume, listen and check for pops which would indicate a power amp problem. No pops suggest a preamp. If pops are on both channels then likely to be a power supply issue. Suggest get a can of freeze spray and give each transistor (in the suspected area pre/power/psu) a 1-2second spray, wait 15-30 seconds for the transistor to recover before moving onto the next one, note any effect on the pops...

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Keep in mind that the freeze spray "shuts down" that and any downstream transistors, so best to work from drivers then back for power amp issue.

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Thanks for the tips.

I bypassed the preamp, buzz and pop is still present in the left channel. The amp still shuts itself back to protection at relatively low volumn. going to get the freeze spray and try it.

What exactly am I looking for when shutting down transistors?

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      It's Japanese so I've powered it with a cheap 500w 100v step down. I've found and downloaded the circuit diagram, owners and service manuals. It looks reasonable clean inside, I reckon its been opened a few times as all the screws don't match. The transistors on the two PB-1393-1 (L&R power amps boards?) are different with with 2x 2SC2922 52Y and 2x 2SA1216 53Y on left board, 2x 2SC2526 NW(X) and 2X 2SA1076 OH(X) on the right. The right looks original. One of the caps (?) in the phono stage looks to have leaked but thats the only obvious blow out.
      Initial testing done with CD player connected to AUX input and both headphones (first time) and speakers via speaker A output.
      On power up;  All the panel lights come on with the warm up flashing. Red LEDs on the power amp boards light (4 each) as do the two on phono input stage.
      Warm up relay (RY 201) triggers after maybe 10 seconds, light stabilises and music is produced out of the left channel only. About 10 seconds later relay triggers again, warm up flashes and music stops. Power off for a short while lets me repeat, with the same result.
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      Compact 2-channel PCM system D / A Converter ◆ A5 document size
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      ◆ The digital inputs including USB available through output, equipped with a digital output (DD converter function)
      ◆ Built-in high-quality headphone amplifier circuit equivalent to that of the top models DA-200
      ◆ installation of low phase noise clock module with reduced noise near the oscillation frequency
      ◆ The digital inputs, low jitter reduction by high-precision clock of DAIR with a built-
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      ◆ plenty of adopting the round pattern wiring board and original custom parts of Luxman tradition, etc.
      ◆ Equipped with RCA output terminal of 18mm pitch gold-plated finish that corresponds to the large plug connection
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      The amp has never been repaired, works very well. No issues, can give a week warranty.
      The unit has never been loud more then 9am because I live in a flat and I like my neighbors.
      Winner of SoundStage's Reviewer's Choice Award (February 2009)
       "The L-509u was one dead-quiet integrated amp with an ultra-low noise floor, resulting in the blackest of backgrounds from which the music would emerge in solid, focused, three-dimensional images. Additionally, the L-509u was tonally neutral, and did not favor one end of the frequency spectrum over another; instead its sonic signature was geared toward delivering the least-colored, most musically natural performance, regardless of the type of music." "What impressed me most, however, was the L-509u’s control of the bass." "Subterranean? Without a doubt." Click here to be redirected to the SoundStage review. The L-509u features the new high quality electronic selector switch, which is the heart of the C-1000f pre-amp (one of Luxman’s 80th anniversary commemoration models). The sound quality deterioration using the new electronic input switch is now minimal, while channel separation and crosstalk efficiency were raised substantially in comparison with the previous L-550A / L-590A / L-507 /L-509SE. In addition the illuminated position indicator around the input selector knob, makes it much easier to view the selected position even from afar.
      The integrated amplifier also benefits from the ALPS volume control used in the CL-88 vacuum tube preamplifier. A massive solid-brass, four gang potentiometer.
      The amplifier section has not been ignored either; noise and distortion has been kept to a minimum with the introduction of ODNF version 2.2. The deep, rich, wonderfully textured tone is available here in Luxman’s most powerful integrated amplifier.  No compromises made for sound quality; designed for the musical purist. This is Luxman’s ultimate integrated amplifier. * Equipped with ODNF version 2.2 for minimal noise and distortion. 
      * Solid brass, four gang attenuator from the CL-88 tube preamp.
      * Electronic input selector, trickle down technology from the flagship C-1000f.
      * Relay power source with large storage capacity.
      * One pair of RCA inputs with Luxman's eddy current defeating technology,
      * Peel Coat PCB with gold plated traces.
      * Power Output Display Meter in dB
      * Switch to split the preamp from the power amp.
      * High quality phono stage.
      * Two pairs of balanced inputs.
      * Custom parts designed by LUXMAN, even the paint used on the resistors to denote the value has been carefully chosen after many hours of comparitive listening.
      The volume control on the L-509u is a solid brass, four gang ALPs potentiometer, its too heavy to be motorised, hence the lack of a remote control, it does however provide a linear attentuation & gain throughout the range, holding both channels perfectly in balance even at low amplitude.  The tone controls might seem like an anachronism in this day and age of minimalism, but they can be remarkably effective in bring to life a less than perfect music collection. We all have music gems in our collection that are sonicly challenging. A lot of the 1980's CDs are quite harsh sounding and the digital glare can be quite fatiguing. Reduce the treble slightly and while the harsh CD is not going to suddenly sound like a reference recording, at least it will now be perfectly listenable. Sit back relax, enjoy the music & forgot about the HiFi. When you want to bypass the tone controls, just engage the Line Straight switch.  Printed Circuit Boards normally have a green coat (dye) that can be printed upon, so the manufacturer knows where to place the copper traces and where to insert the resistors & capacitors. LUXMAN's designers don't like the sound of the green dye, so instead they print onto a plastic peel coat and remove it once the traces and mounting holes are in place. Then the copper traces are gold plated to reduce resistance across the circuit. In the photo below you will notice that Peel Coat circuit boards are an off-white color. It’s this fanatical attention to detail that delivers such superior sound quality.  The on board phono stage is not an after thought on any of the Luxman integrated amplifiers, rather a well executed  pre-preamplifer. The MC input has 55dB of gain (thats a multiplication of 550x) and is suitable for medium to high output MC cartridges, approx .7mV. While the MM input has 35dB of gain.  Extensive listening was applied to the high purity, oxygen free copper (OFC) cables which are used to transmit the signal throughout the amplifier. These cables have a minimal audible signature and minimal electrical effect on the audio waveform. Linear wide bandwidth frequency response is achieved by the low measured values of both inductance and capacitance. The result, the cables do not color the sound, but pass it through, quickly.  There is a high quality headphone amplifier, accessible from the front panel. The headphone output is taken from the speaker output,, assuring you of the highest fidelity.  LUXMAN did not cut corners in the L-509u; notice lots of custom solid copper parts including screws & fasteners & mounting plates. Not to mention the gold plated peel coat circuit boards. This is one channel complete with heat sink.  Here is a clever device found on the back of every Luxman powered product. You press the button and it will check the phase of the electricity it is receiving. If the AC outlet in the wall is incorrectly wired, meaning the live and neutral are swapped, a red LED will turn on to warn you. You only need to press it once, when you are installing a product to check that everything is in order. Its a simple mistake, that occurs often, and one that can seriously undermine your listening enjoyment.
      Continuous effective output: 120W + 120W -8ohm   240W + 240W  4 ohm
      reproduction frequency: PHONO: 20Hz ~ 20,000Hz  0.5dB) LINE: 20Hz ~ 100kHz (+ 0, -3.0dB) 
      SN ratio: PHONO (MM): 91dB or more PHONO (MC): 75dB or more LINE: 107dB or more 
      Dimension: W 467 x H 179 x D 435 mm
      Weight:  28 kg
      Preferably Pickup
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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      Item: Luxman L550AX Class A amp
      Location: Sydney, Dulwich Hill
      Price: $3500
      Item Condition: Absolutely perfect
      Reason for selling: Playing with new toys
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
      Extra Info: I'm the original first owner. Comes with original Double Boxed packaging, Papers, Remote, RCA/XLR dust caps. Have loved my time with this unit and will be very sad to see it go.
      Local pick preferred. 
      Demo is most welcome. 


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