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Error code: 2F173/H

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I'm trying to look at a thread and no longer have access.

I read most of it as a member, then part of it when I wasn't signed in an ran out of 'free pages' to view.

Then when I signed in next I can't find it in any searches on the site.


I found it easily through Google but when I click the link it comes up with an error.

Sorry, there is a problem

You do not have permission to view this content.

Error code: 2F173/H


The thread I'm trying to access is regarding the Benq W2700 / W5700


Is there a way for me to get permission?


This link doesn't work for me


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You'll just need a few more posts on your account before you become a full member.


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Ahh ok, no worries. Thanks for the reply.

I found a temporary work around, I just view the link in an incognito browser.

Seems odd that a visitor can read more than someone who has taken the time to sign up, even with a low post count.

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  • 11 months later...

I'm getting the same error for a particularly interesting thread.


My details show I am a full member, so could this be something else?


If I need to raise post count, is it appropriate to tell me the magic number?


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