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Do you catalogue your collections

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It's not as daunting as you may think. 


There is a 'copy to draft' feature. 

This feature let's you fill all fields with a similar release and just change some of the details. 


For releases that have nothing similar in the database it does require more effort but it is really only about 20 minutes work. 


You will probably be surprised when you get those albums out of storage how many of them will be already uploaded. 

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I use DVD Profiler to keep track of my movie collection.


It's really quite good as you have several ways of entering data, either by title or scan the bar code or enter bar code number if you don't have something to scan it.

Once you have the disc in your library, it's amazing what information you can get from it.


Say you couldn't think of what movies a certain actor has been in, all you have to do is find one in your collection, bring it up and look at the cast, then select that actor and all the other movies in your collection that have that actor in it will show.

Same thing for any director, cinematographer etc.


The other cool thing is you can keep a copy on your smart phone, great for when your at JB etc looking at movies and can't remember if you already have a title or not [ I haven't double purchased since]



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Posted (edited)
15 hours ago, turnthetable said:

So, is it easy to set-up 2 collections, one for LP's and CD's?

Quite easy. Especially if you create the folders and add to them when initially adding the new entries (for LP or CD). You have the advantage of calling the folders what you like, too (e.g. Black spinny things, coloured 12 "spinners, tiny shiny space-age spinners or just LP/ CD). 

One collection, split into folders, which can be viewed individually

Just create and name folders for your categories. It's simple enough. I did it without further guidance. You can move items into the folders, but find I it easier to allocate them to folders during addition to the database. Below is the current state of play in my collection.

(When I recently started to  check my CDs, I thought that I had most of them covered, but have so far added close to 100 above what I thought I owned).

@turnthetable, give me a hoy if you want help. I think you'll work it out on your own, once you "summit" the learning curve.




11 hours ago, mrbuzzardstubble said:

I've got at least 100 albums that aren't listed on discogs. They're in storage so I can't upload. I did have a look at the upload feature a while ago and was surprised at how onerous a task it is. So much info to type in. I'm thankful for the members who take the time to add to the list.

Agreed, It takes a bit longer than 10 minutes to find and add just the song titles and duration. I have found that it takes about 10 mins just to add a variant to the CD matrix codes list.

The other thing here is that there are SOOOO many p!ssy pedants there who will happily take you to task for a minor infraction of the database rules. Although, sometimes they can be supportive/gentle enough.

Edited by Uncle Seth
clarifying some points and making this marginally more readable

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1 minute ago, Uncle Seth said:

Quite easy.

Many thanks Uncle for the detailed explanation and screenshots.


and thanks for the offer of help 👍

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On 03/12/2019 at 7:29 PM, keinesorge said:

I've tested this one out.

6554b6be8c0d829a8bf63ae0c82cf121_link.pn GSoft4U Music Collection


music collection is a free music album management software


It can send the entire album or individual tracks straight to a foobar playlist.  With a black background it looks quite nice.  Works well too.  I tested a version prior to this and have been waiting to get it going once i get my music server setup.


I have been in correspondence with the developer for some added functionality that i required (sending an entire album to a foobar playlist) and he has been very helpful.


This way i dont have to mess around too much with foobar and i get a nice cover art interface which can be backed up.




I downloaded and tried this program

Nice program but in scanning my music collection it only picked up 34 out of 58000+ tracks. 

Is it an undocumented feature that it does not recognise files in .aif format?


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Not mentioned above, also think about insurance, check your PDS.

Sometimes “collections” are not covered or need to be valued separately. I.e. selling a bunch of CDs or LPs might not return much, whereas replacing a unique collection could be costly.

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