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FS or Trade: Custom Lampizator Amber 2 R2R & Volume Control - Price Drop

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Item:  Custom Lampizator Amber 2 R2R & Volume Control
Location: Auckland NZ
Price: $4800AUD - Won't go any lower.
Item Condition: Mint/Near New
Reason for selling: Change of direction
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
Extra Info:


Pretty much NIB Custom Lampizator Amber 2. This is no ordinary Amber 2 though, with the same R2R DAC board from the Atlantic, 44khz Super Clock, 5v 5Y3 Rectifier, the Baltic Analog output section with 6N6P tubes, remote volume control with analog in and dual parallel analog outputs, rca spdif, toslink, BNC and USB - The works! I was informed by the NZ dealer that the final tuning was done by Lukasz himself.

I had this delivered in Feb 2019, with big plans for an entire new system based around the Lampizator, but life circumstances changed and I have downsized my system significantly. It had approx 1 months use and has been boxed since then. I was hoping to put it back in the system, but time to let it go to a home where it will see the use it deserves.

This is a very flexible and amazing sounding DAC/Pre that can be the control centre of your entire system. The lampizator sound is in full effect: detailed, musical, smooth, big and what I can only describe as expensive sounding. I have fully tested prior to listing and everything is 100%.

The Lampizator is an absolutely mint condition with both Factory warranty stickers intact, which means there is over 4 years to go on the Lampizator transferable warranty.

The Power supply is switchable between 230v and 115V so good for the most of the world.

If you are in the market for a new Lampizator Amber, get this instead and grab $2400nzd of upgrades for free for less than the price of the current Amber. I'll even throw in an extra set of 6N6P and an extra 5Y3.

Shipping to Aus would be approx $250 AUD.  I'll go halves on PayPal fees.

Will consider trade/exchange for a banging set of higher power Tube Mono Blocks - for those that would love the DAC but don't have $5k sat around BUT (like most of us) have a bunch of extra gear collecting dust ;)  If you have something post in the comments and I'll check em out.  Looking for 60W plus.  Not looking to spend extra so must be lower, on or marginally over the price.  So no $15k amps unless your willing to drop a $hit ton and give me a nice xmas pressie!

2019-03-22 20.22.06.jpg

2019-03-12 21.05.50.jpg

2019-03-12 21.06.12.jpg







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wold you have any photos with the top of by anychance?

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10 minutes ago, Island boy said:


wold you have any photos with the top of by anychance?

Hi not possible sorry, the factory warranty stickers would come off. You can ask lampizator permission to open to change tubes etc, but in its current state there can be no argument that it hasn’t been tampered.

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9 minutes ago, robio_d said:
11 minutes ago, robio_d said:

Hi not possible sorry, the factory warranty stickers would come off. You can ask lampizator permission to open to change tubes etc, but in its current state there can be no argument that it hasn’t been tampered.

That’s fair enough!


10 minutes ago, robio_d said:

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      The PerfectWave MKII isn’t the best DAC in the world either. To say so is dumb hyperbole. Running up a Tom Evans amplifier and Avant Garde Trio hill against a dCS Puccini + uClock saw the dCS ascend with more graceful ease – the PS Audio unit was contrasted as a meal with beautifully presented tonal flavours but tainted by too much pepper and spice. There’s nothing out of the ordinary there. At AU$29k, one would expect the dCS to best the considerably cheaper PS Audio box. That the latter got so close with listener satisfaction and detail trawl is commendable."
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      Price: $750 Price Drop - $725
      Item Condition: Used, Excellent Condition
      Reason for selling: Upgrade/ NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal As Friend (or + %Fees), COD Only
      Extra Info:
      I am the 2nd owner of this DAC and had purchased this DAC from a fellow SNA member @chick3nrice start of this year to replace my previous DAC (Audiolab M-DAC). Refer to previous FS listing: 
      The DAC had performed well in my system and I felt it was a step-up in comparison to the M-DAC... especially in terms of better resolution and detail. Also see previous FS listing for chick3nrice's impressions of the DAC.
      The DAC is in excellent used condition as can be seen in the pictures. Included is the remote, powercable, manual and have the original factory packaging and box. Able to ship interstate at buyers expense and risk; rest assured it will be well packed. 
      Few reviews online as well:
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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