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SOLD: FS: Supratek Cortese Gen 3 Valve Preamplifier

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Item: Supratek Cortese Gen 3 Valve Preamplifier
Location: Perth WA
Price: $3,500 includes Free Delivery Australia wide
Item Condition: Very Good 9/10 condition
Reason for selling: The pursuit of happiness never ends, trying something else in the Supratek stable.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:  see below



For sale is my beautiful sounding Supratek Cortese valve preamplifier using 6SN7 output tubes. The Cortese currently sells for $4,000 USD or about $6,000 AUD. It has a highly reputed excellent in-built phono stage (probably worth the asking price on its own), my unit comes with all the bells and whistles including:


- the latest Gen 3 circuit newly installed by Supratek designer Mick Maloney. With the update there was a noticeable lift in accuracy, bass tightness and sound stage clarity

- expensive Lundahl output transformers are installed

- Magnequest Grid Chokes from USA @ $300 are installed at extra cost

- large regulator tubes (near the twin towers) are located at the preamp section not the power supply chassis for minimal pathway to the preamp circuit for best sound

- solid copper chassis, Jarrah wood surround and Gunmetal metalic finish. The labeling of RCA sockets etc at the back are my own, not done by Supratek.

- Home Theater bypass 

- Remote Volume Control

- Balance L-R Control

- the Moving Coil phono stage has a switch for variable cartridge impedence loading. This unit is not the LCR version.

- Dual Outputs for connecting a subwoofer or for bi-amping are installed

- capacitor coupling switch installed for OTL Operation (Output Transformer Less). You will get extra clarity, bass control and about 20dB more gain. Meaning your amplifier will need to be an exceedingly quiet low sensitivity design when using this switch. A quiet low sensitivity valve amp or a Pass Labs solid state amplifier for example would go nicely. When the OTL switch is not engaged, the preamp works in Transformer Coupled mode via the Lundahl output transformers.

- this Cortese has a plethora of quieting circuits including a Ground Lift to stop ground loop hums, and a Gain Control at the back near the output RCAs to adjust sensitivity matching with your amplifier. Suffice to say, because of these extra controls the preamp can be made to operate DEAD QUIET with any power amplifier out there.  The amp Gain Control can also be switched out of circuit for absolute purity, if the situation suits.


I would describe the latest Supratek Gen 3 preamplifiers as super accurate, super quiet and super reliable.


*Free Delivery on the Supratek Cortese is offered at the asking price using a door-to-door courier service Australia wide. Perth buyers are welcome to audition the Cortese at my home in Woodvale anytime.

















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1 hour ago, Irok said:

Beautiful pieces of art.


Thanks for the compliment Kevin and agree, they are to me also pieces of fine Art both in sonics and aesthetics. The solid Jarrah surrounds on this unit is particularly attractive ...like a wood-marble effect.





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I can attest to the Supratek pre sound being truly superb. Makes me wonder what else in the Supratek range you are moving to, Steve?

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37 minutes ago, Mpr_65 said:

Looks awesome but no balanced out. Won’t suit my Nord unfortunately. ?

Nothing is irreplaceable! ?

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6 minutes ago, pulinap said:

Humpty Dumpty....?

Very poor yoke , you're walking on egg shells here!,9_9

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2 hours ago, Yngvi said:

There is free delivery Australia wide ????

Yes but spoilt for choice over there. Keen to know what is replacing it. ?


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